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    It could have been better. The songs were O.K.. They could have been better. The reason I sort of disliked it was the songs because the movie was made in early 2015.
    Almost 7 years ago
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    The details are amazing. I definitely recommend this book to anyone in 4th grade and up. It is like if you were living with them and you heard every word they say. by far its my favorite book
    Almost 7 years ago
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    ya'll are not getting the point of getting the sea lions off Astoria! It is not being mean. The sea lions did destroy a lot of the people who own Astoria. They destroyed the water lines,electrical lines,the HIGH salmon supply and, dock connections for people. Worst part of all is that the people who own Astoria had spent $100,000.00 on fixing the docks every time the sea lions got off!!! So most of all it was harder for the people than the sea lions. The people had it really bad.
    Almost 7 years ago

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