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    The Hunger Games is a amazing book, truly the best way to get into adult/teen fiction. With a awesome plot and a very good storyline, Suzanne Collins has outdid herself with this book. Starting a new series to a page Turner and a gruesome and eventful book. The Hunger Games takes place in the late 21th century. In a country of dictatorship, and a hard and shallow life. 24 tributes from 12 districts must compete for their lives. Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark will experience the time of their lives, with suspense, drama, and a unconditional case of love, will they make it through the Hunger Games know that blood will be shed, lives will be lost, and knowing that the power of the Captiol can over come them, do they choose to play by the rules, choose to find their own path. Will the 74th Hunger games be enough for the Captiol's satisfaction? Well find out in Suzzane Collins novel: The Hunger Games.
    3 months ago
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