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    The book "Carlton Crumple Creature Catcher 1: Catch the Munchies!", is a super hilarious book. Carlton Crumple believes every single thing he hears is true. No matter what. That's why he doesn't like monsters and thinks they are everywhere. When a french fry wakes wakes up the Munchies, they immediately want more. So when Carlton is working at Chubbzy Chesseburgers, and the Munchies eat all of the cheeseburgers and even the manager, he and Lulu run after them to catch the Munchies. Do they? You'll have to read it to find out. I really liked this book because it was very silly and very entertaining. This graphic novel is great for anyone who loves comedy and weird but silly things.
    3 days ago
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    This is such an hilarious book that is sure to make you laugh. It's short and sweet and jam packed with humor. So chances are you have eaten a French fry before but what if I told you your French fry could doom the entire Fast-Food industry. When one kid throws a French fry into a lake it awakens some deep lake monsters. And of course like everyone else these monsters love French fries, and one French fry won't fill them up. Now these monsters are traveling the world eating all the french fries and cheeseburgers they can find. Everything seems chaos till Carlton Crumple shows up. Carlton Crumple has dreamed of fighting monsters and saving the world ever since his brother would scare him pretending to be a monster. Well now is Carlton's chance to shine and save the world, but can he do it? read to find out!!!
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    I love National Geographic! It's always super fun to learn new things, and look at the awesome photos! I have multiple of their yearly Almanacs, and I'd love to have another for my collection. My sisters and I love all of the different sections, and it has something for everyone to enjoy! I would really love to win this book and add it to my collection of National Geographic Books! Thank you!
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