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    This could become a problem because, if used falsely the drone could explode, cause property damage, or hurt/ kill somebody. In Netherlands, they're trying to solve their problems by letting eagils caputer the ones that go into retricted areas. Mayb even disconecting conections to drones.
    About 5 years ago
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    Leo stuck his hand in the vending machine, when he put his hand in there he went too far in and got it stuck in. Leo did not know that he had to pay to get the treat he wanted because, he had never seen a vending machine before so he didn't know how it works. His hand got stuck because, he stuck it too far down and when he did, the anti-theft device sensed his hand and trapped it. ( just like that. first get a hang of what you want to snach then when you think it's the right time GRAB IT. And no one will even know.) It took 12 experts to finally free Leo and, it took 6 hours to do that. This had a lasting effect on Leo so, when he grows up he decided to become a fireman. And be smart enough to teach his kids that they should NOT EVER PUT THEY'R HAND ARM OR ANY KIND BODY PART IN A VENDING MACHINE.
    About 5 years ago

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