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    1.It is a problem because it might get more risky as we go on with testing it. 2.The Netherlands are trying to use birds to attack/stop the drone when it is in action.The eagles catch it's prey with it's claws. 3.They could use the birds when they drone is being used.
    Over 3 years ago
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    1.The growth of drown use is a problem because some people might use it incorrect. 2.They are trying to solve the problem by sending eagles after them.Eagles are perfect because the size of them and they are very strong and they can go beast mode. 3.You can not buy drones and just let the Goverment use them and the military and the army.
    Over 3 years ago
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    more drones mean more troble tats why it is a problem . by trying not to sell drones . eagles can catch up to drones and grabe them . if your concerned thats good because you can help stop it .
    Over 3 years ago
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    This could become a problem because, if used falsely the drone could explode, cause property damage, or hurt/ kill somebody. In Netherlands, they're trying to solve their problems by letting eagils caputer the ones that go into retricted areas. Mayb even disconecting conections to drones.
    Over 3 years ago

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