Zeke Meeks vs the Horrifying TV-Turnoff Week

Zeke Meeks vs the Horrifying TV-Turnoff Week

By D.L. Green

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n/aGrades 1 - 4n/a3.38442
Zeke Meeks thinks his teacher is crazy when he announces that no one can watch TV for an entire week. There is no way Zeke will survive without videogames or his favorite shows. Will he be bored enough to play with his sister? Study? Actually read for fun? Only time will tell.
Publisher: Raintree
ISBN-13: 9781406275346
ISBN-10: 1406275344
Published on 9/12/2013
Binding: Paperback
Number of pages: 128

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I decided to read this book because I have read some other zeke Meeks books and this one seemed interesting. I have a goal for the summer and it is to read a book a week.