Zach King: My Magical Life

Zach King: My Magical Life

By Zach King

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Award-winning digital media star Zach King brings his unique brand of magic to the first installment of a lively, fun-filled trilogy about Zach, a middle schooler in search of his magical powers while navigating the crazy, confusing world of public school.

Big Nate meets DanTDM in a debut middle grade adventure by social media superstar Zach King. The book comes complete with a code for a downloadable app that brings Zach’s vibrant world to fully animated, three-dimensional life. Zach King: My Magical Life is also coming to theaters soon, as the project has been picked up by Steven Spielberg’s Amblin Entertainment.

Everyone in Zach King’s family has a magical power. His father can turn back time, his sister can turn invisible, and his mother can transform any object into something else. And Zach…well, he hasn’t found his magical power yet and his family is growing worried that he’s been “skipped.”

So his parents decide to stop homeschooling him in magical arts and send him instead to a regular middle school with regular kids. To Zach, it’s the worst news ever. Who wants to be ordinary when everyone around them is extraordinary?

But Zach quickly learns that going to regular school with regular kids isn’t all that bad. Who knew having real friends would be so much fun? And just when Zach least expects it, he discovers a pair of magical snapbacks that might just be the magical thing he’s been looking for his whole life. The only thing standing in his way is the school bully, Tricia Stands. She’s determined to make sure Zach doesn’t get more popular than she is, and so she plans a prank so awful, so evil, it could cause the biggest disaster Horace Greeley Middle School has ever seen.

For fans of Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Timmy Failure, and DanTDM: Trayaurus and the Enchanted Crystal and anyone who’s ever wondered where they belong, this is the perfect book for you.

Publisher: HarperCollins
ISBN-13: 9780062677181
ISBN-10: 0062677187
Published on 9/26/2017
Binding: Hardcover
Number of pages: 208

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Zach King is 11 years old and is part of a magical family. Everyone in the family has a magical object - his mom has a magical ring, his dad has a magical watch & his little sister has magical glasses. Zach hasn't found his magical item yet and his parents aren't sure if he ever will so they decide that he shouldn't be homeschooled anymore. Zach doesn't want this at all. Zach learns after the first day being normal isn't terrible, he has a new best friend Aaron -he makes super funny YouTube- there's even a cute fearless girl name Rachel. Suddenly Zach finds his magic object and makes funny videos with Aaron AND get revenge on Tricia (the mean girl) I thought this was a good book, it had a funny plot. Thanks for reading -Ajg15's Reviews

this was a great book. i got to start watching zacks king videos. this was really funny. i thought the vending machine part was super funny. the pictures alone tells the story as well. check that out, its cool.

Zach king :my magical life//////////ok so everyone in Zach kings family has super powers but he didn't get any yet.then his parents deside to stop homeschooling him so now he goes to public school and meets the horrible popular (some how!😂) Tricia stands .😸so his mom has the power to change objects and his dad has a magic watch and his sister has magic glasses I recommend this to 10 to 13 year olds I rate this book 4 stars i really enjoyed this book! But does Zach get his powers? Read the book to find out! Thanks for reading my review! 😂😃 -pizzagirl7

I thought it was really cool that Zach King has a book now! In his book, he finds his super power. Although, I wish I had his mom's super power and could turn any object into something else. That would be really exciting. I love the art in this book and will definitely read it again.

Zach King: My Magical Life is based on the #famous Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube sensation that all the kids in school are talking about! This story is created by Zach King himself. Zach King was a child who couldn’t find his superpower that all his family members received! He can’t find his magical item... until.... read the book!

Zach King lives in a family that has magical powers. Zach is 11, and still doesn't have his power, so his parents stop homeschooling him and send him to a middle school. When he finds two baseball caps that work as portals, he tries to keep them a secret from his parents because he likes middle school.

Cool Book.........But I'm not really into this is pretty good just not my style of fantasy....well I can't really express my feelings for this book it was kinda cool...

Zach King: My Magical Life is a lighthearted book that I enjoyed. When I first picked out this book I thought it wouldn't really be that great but I actually enjoyed it!

This was a good book. It is about a boy from a magical family but he doesn't know what his magical item is. I liked finding out what his magical item was. He was homeschooled but then went to school and I enjoyed reading about him making friends. There are little comics mixed in with the story and I liked looking at the pictures. I recommend this book.

Do you know Zach King? Did you ever watch his amazing YouTube videos? If you don't know already, Zach King is a magician YouTuber who creates unbelievable (but fake!) magic. Zach's whole family have magical powers (like the book Savvy) except him, and they did not know why. I really am enjoying this book, and I am happy it is about one of my Favorite YouTubers on the face of the earth!

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