Wild Boy

Wild Boy

By Rob Lloyd Jones

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Book 1 of 2 in the  Wild Boy Series
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Murder mystery meets carnival flair in a rollicking Victorian adventure centered on a boy with a unique appearance — and unique gifts.

In the seedy underworld of Victorian London, a boy is born and abandoned. Snatched up by an unscrupulous and abusive showman, Wild Boy, covered in hair from head to toe, becomes a sideshow freak. Isolated from other children and wickedly abused by the cruel master who bought him, Wild Boy becomes an avid observer, developing Sherlock Holmes–like deductive skills. Although he is tormented and insulted, kicked and spat at, his quick mind takes in everything he sees. When a murder occurs at the fair, Wild Boy is hastily accused. Can he use his powers of deduction to save himself? And will the talented and spunky young acrobat Clarissa be with him — or against him? Readers will be swept along by the cinematic pace, immersed in the vivid historical setting, and gripped by suspense as they wait to find out if a better fate could possibly await someone so very different.
Publisher: Candlewick
ISBN-13: 9780763671570
ISBN-10: 0763671576
Published on 5/12/2015
Binding: Paperback
Number of pages: 304

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because there was a boy accused of murder and with is amazing observation skill he is willing to show that he is innocent.

Wild boy, the boy covered with hair, has the ability to observe someone and learn a lot about them. Ever single thing in his life seems to end in sadness.... until he meets Clarissa. The two are framed as the murderers of several people and they must find the man behind it all.

BEST BOOK EVER its about a boy covered in hair with very good powers of observation he is part of a freak show but then he meets Clarissa they are enemys at first but then go on a great adventure running away from the police while trying to catch the person that is framing them making them look like they have murdered all these people, and to find out who it really is you'll have to read it yourself...

i dont think this book was very good thought it would be like a fun story about boys getting into trouble aand being wild but it wasnt it was boring home life and chores stuff

It was great! It was really neat how the boy was like, covered in hair. It was tooken in London, and there were a lot of things going on at once, sometimes, it was confusing. Overall, really good.

This is an okay book, but not very believable. It is a sort of cross between Sherlock Holmes and one of those modern spy stories. Sort of entertaining, but not a book I would read twice.

The book Wild Boy takes place in the nineteenth century and is pretty cool. The main character which is Wild Boy gets his name from being covered head to toe in thick hair. His life is pretty sad because he's put in a freak show because of his hairiness. He has powers that enable him to observe a person and learn a lot about them.Then his life takes a huge turn...