Who Was Queen Elizabeth?

Who Was Queen Elizabeth?

By June Eding

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Our bestselling series is fit for a queen!

The life of Queen Elizabeth I was dramatic and dangerous: cast out of her father?s court at the age of three and imprisoned at nineteen, Elizabeth was crowned queen in 1558, when she was only twenty-five. A tough, intelligent woman who spoke five languages, Elizabeth ruled for over forty years and led England through one of its most prosperous periods in history. Over 80 illustrations bring ?Gloriana? and her court to life.

Publisher: Grosset & Dunlap
ISBN-13: 9780448448398
ISBN-10: 0448448394
Published on 7/3/2008
Binding: Paperback
Number of pages: 112

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Amazing book

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so good love it so much love queen elizabeth!

I loved this book! It inspires you to be independent. I know this because, she did not marry or have any kids because she wanted to rule England on her own.

Queen Elizabeth Queen Elizabeth

love her

Cool!This book is so interesting!I didn't know a lot of the stuff in there about Queen Elizabeth

Dancer Dancer

I loved this book!! I did it for my wax museum!!! I actually took the picture of her and simplified the dress a little to make it not so complicated!! All of the kids at school loved me! Did you know that Elizabeth's sister, Mary, sent her to prison because Mary didn't love her sister but then took her out of prison? YOU NEED TO READ THE WHOLE BOOK TO UNDERSTAND WHAT THESE PEOPLE ARE TALKING ABOUT!!!!

this book is on Queen Elizabeth, I learned a lot. I thought for sure that she was born and automatically became queen , but thats now how it went. she went through a lot before coming queen. and i think it is just cool living in the olden days even though there are many challenges... BUT YOU NEED TO READ THIS BOOK TO GET THE FULL EXPERIENCE...

This book is about the life of Queen Elizabeth from when she was a baby to when she was an old woman. This book tells a lot about how life was back then. If your wondering how life was back then and you want to learn about royalty and Queen Elizabeth. You'll have to read this book. It's really good.

This book tells you SO much about Queen Elizabeth. It has details about her whole life and it describes all of it very well. It has so many facts that I didn't know. Like her mom got beheaded. It tells you that a queen's life isn't perfect. It also tells you a lot about how she was very good and loyal to her people. Everything that I wanted to know about her and more was included in this book. It has pictures and 2 timelines too. It's a short read only about 90 pages. It only took me about 40 minutes to read. But it's still very good.

This book was a great. It informs you about the greatest queen England has ever had. This is a non-fiction book but it is just like fantasy. The chapters are about important time periods throughout her life. For example she lead her kingdom strong into battle. This is a great non-fiction material and is very informative.

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