Who Was John F. Kennedy?

Who Was John F. Kennedy?

By Yona Zeldis McDonough

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The man who saved the lives of his PT-109 crewmen during WWII and became the 35th president fought-and won-his first battle at the age of two-and-a-half, when he was stricken with scarlet fever. Although his presidency was cut short, our nation's youngest elected leader left an indelible mark on the American consciousness and now is profiled in our "Who Was...?" series. Included are 100 black-and-white illustrations as well as a timeline that guides readers through this eventful period in history.

Publisher: Grosset & Dunlap Inc.,U.S.
Published on 1/13/2005
Binding: Paperback

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Before, I had no clue what John F. Kennedy's background was. But when I read this, my eyes opened up. This is why I fell in love with the Who Was series.

When John was young he would get sick pretty often. He was the second oldest of 9 kids! ( that's a LOT!😂) he was always getting compared to his older brother joe.. When John went to college at Harvard he ended up taking a break . He said when he came back he felt more mature and smarter. One day ( when he was President ) they was a parade and someone shot John . He ended up dying . :(. Read the book to find out all of the details!!!I recommend this book to all ages and I rate this book 4/5 stars -Pizzagirl7😜

Have not read the book but I heard about the tragedy of his death.

This was a good book. I enjoyed reading about John F. Kennedy and how he became the youngest president to be elected. It was very interesting reading about what his life was like before he became president! Now I know that he was a World War II hero!! I really love The Who Was series!!

This was a good book because I am doing a project over John F. Kennedy and this book helped me a lot! It gives you good information about Kennedy's childhood and later life. I like this book and I think you will to.

I think this you should get this book if you want to know about John F. Kennedy. He was the 35th president, and was for two years. He had to make very hard choices, but everything worked out. He helped send the first people on the moon. He was assassinated in 1963. These are the reasons I give this book a four star, there is a lot of detail.

John F. Kennedy was The 35th President of The United States. When he was in the U.S Navy he saved a man's life when there boat was destroyed. He was apart of the House of Representatives & the Senate and he was married and had 2 children. I'm 1963 he was assassinated while riding in a parade in Dallas, Texas by Lee Harvey Oswald. J.F.K is a president that no one will fail to remeber. If you want to learn more about him I never highly recommended this book. Thanks for reading -Ajg16's reviews

Lindsay Lindsay

I really liked the characters in this book!

Love the majority of the book about J. F. Kennedy.

malia malia

It was an excellent book.You will enjoy it.