Who Is Sonia Sotomayor? (Who Was?)

Who Is Sonia Sotomayor? (Who Was?)

By Megan Stine, Who HQ

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The truly inspiring story of the first Latina Supreme Court Justice.

Outspoken, energetic, and fun, Sonia Sotomayor has managed to turn every struggle in life into a triumph. Born in the Bronx to immigrant parents from Puerto Rico, Sonia found out at age nine that she had diabetes, a serious illness now but an even more dangerous one fifty years ago. How did young Sonia handle the devastating news? She learned to give herself her daily insulin shots and became determined to make the most out of her life. It was the popular sixties TV show Perry Mason that made Sonia want to become a lawyer. Not only a lawyer, but a judge! Her remarkable career was capped in 2009 when President Barack Obama nominated her to the Supreme Court, only the third woman and first Hispanic justice in the court's history. Stories of Sotomayor's career are hardly dry legal stuff—she once hopped on a motorcycle to chase down counterfeiters and was the judge whose ruling ended the Major League baseball strike in 1995.
Publisher: Penguin Workshop
ISBN-13: 9780399541926
ISBN-10: 0399541926
Published on 2/7/2017
Binding: Paperback
Number of pages: 112

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I love this book so much. Sonia Sotomayor was born in the Bronx to Juan and Celina Sotomayor, who were immigrants from Puerto Rico. Th Sotomayors worked hard to provide for their growing family. Sonia's parents worked at factories and hospitals. Her family was sweet, happy, and generous family. Sonia's family did not have it all good though. Her father lost his job, so Celina had to pick up extra shifts to provide for her family. Also, Sonia became a diabetic at a young age. This made her have to take responsibility for her diabetes, meaning she would have to inject herself with insulin because her mother was unable because of her work. As Sonia grew up, she began to pursue a carrier in law. She was familiar with this subject because of the many Nancy Drews she read and the many episodes of Perry Mason she watched on TV. In this book she is described as a legend. And she really is. She worked beside many famous lawyers including Ruth Badger Ginsburg. She lived life to its fullest because she never knew when her illness would get the best of her. Through it all, Sonia stood tall and became the first Latina US Supreme Court justice. She was not afraid to get her hands dirty, even if meant putting her life in jeopardy. I suggest this for the world's next Supreme Justices and people fascinated with judges, lawyers, and amazing people.