Weird But True Wild and Wacky Sticker Doodle Book

Weird But True Wild and Wacky Sticker Doodle Book

By National Geographic Kids

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Love Weird But True? Get ready for even more wacky fun, where YOU get to illustrate just how bizarre our world can be. Discover amazing weird facts and then doodle, draw, or color away right on the page. Did you know that there's a company that makes pants for dogs? Can you design the best doggie duds? Did you know that some spiders spin webs longer than two city buses? That might make for a sticky situation in your doodles.

Enhance your wacky masterpieces with 150 fun stickers included in the book. Let your creativity run wild for hours on end in this perfect boredom-buster for rainy days, car rides, or any time.
Publisher: National Geographic Children's Books
ISBN-13: 9781426327889
ISBN-10: 1426327889
Published on 5/30/2017
Binding: Paperback
Number of pages: 168

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this book looks like the most fun one yet can not wait to read it.

this was so fun to do when i was bored

i agree with you cause I think the whole series is great, i'm following and liking positive coments.

Loralie Saenz Loralie Saenz

good nice

Loralie Saenz Loralie Saenz

awsome sauce.

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