Warriors: Into the Wild

Warriors: Into the Wild

By Erin Hunter

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Join the legion of fans who have made Erin Hunter's Warriors series a #1 national bestseller! Epic adventures. Fierce Warrior cats. A thrilling fantasy world. It all begins here with Warriors #1: Into the Wild.

For generations, four Clans of wild cats have shared the forest according to the laws laid down by their ancestors. But the warrior code is threatened, and the ThunderClan cats are in grave danger. The sinister ShadowClan grows stronger every day. Noble warriors are dying—and some deaths are more mysterious than others.

In the midst of this turmoil appears an ordinary housecat named Rusty . . . who may turn out to be the bravest warrior of them all.

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Publisher: HarperCollins
ISBN-13: 9780062366962
ISBN-10: 0062366963
Published on 3/17/2015
Binding: Paperback
Number of pages: 320

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I love warriors! It’s a great book series for anyone who likes animals, action, and Adventure! It’s very interesting and easy to get hooked on.

Lo and behold. Warriors. The book series with lots of characters and 60 or so books. The first book, released 20 years ago, in 2003, tells us about a life form, Rusty, who escapes from the confines of his humans' nest and charges into the forest, never to be seen by the Twolegs again. Which is what those strange cats in the forest, warriors, call members of the Homo Sapiens species. So Rusty, who is only 6 moons old, begins to train as a warrior apprentice, who will catch a lot of tasty prey and fight enemy cats who live in other little tiny cat groups called clans. And he is now called FIREPAW after his brown coat. Then Firepaw meets an old cat who is very chubby; it is Yellowfang, whose teeth are not very well cared for. Oooh. But ShadowClan, a very scary clan, especially with a menacing leader called Brokenstar is demanding to hunt on ThunderClan territory because of FOOD. Unbeknownst to Firepaw, however, there is a prophecy from StarClan, where spirits of dead warriors live, that tells of fire saving the clan. Could he be the key to saving ThunderClan? So I liked this book a lot. I felt like it had better descriptions and more actions than the later mini-arcs. Very exciting and fun to read. Ok writing but not too good.

If you like cats,mysteries,and a little magic I bet you will like Into The Wild by Erin Hunter(HOW ON EARTH ARE THERE 80 DIFFERENT BOOKS?!)From 4 clans there are different clan books. Also I've read past this book so I know this is a good find for people that like cats,mysteries,and a little magic. Also I’ll spill a little for you {A cat gets adopted by a clan that desperately needs cats and the cat is not fully approved by the clan so he tries his best to fit in and makes an arch enemy aka Tigerclaw which disapproves of kitty pets which is what Rusty was.} That's all I'm going to spill anyway. I love this book and you probably will too!


So I recently decided to go back in time and read some of the books that used to be my favorites. And what better way to do that than to reread the Warriors series, which I was OBSESSED with not too long ago? I don’t read middle grade fiction anymore, but this is Warriors: Into the Wild, the most epic, interesting book ever written…that somehow got a rating of 3 stars from me?!?!? Is this a dream? *pinches self* Ow! Never mind. I know this is a HUGE change from the 5 star rating that I gave this book around 2-3 years ago, but my opinion has changed drastically. So what made me give what used to be one of my favorite books such a low rating? The characters. They are boring and seem like carbon copies of each other. (How did I never notice this?) Firepaw, the main character, thinks and does a lot of things for seemingly no reason. For example: at the beginning of the book, he is sick of being a house cat and wants to roam the wilderness, but why? What is the reason for this feeling? That question is never answered. There are many other instances like this in the book. Also, Firepaw is SO BLAND. His train of thought basically goes like this: The Clans of cats who live in the wild are so cool! I should join them! But I’m just a poor little kittypet (house cat). How will I ever fit in with these wild cats? Oh, I can train to hunt and fight and become as cool as them! But I’m still just a poor little kittypet…oh never mind, here’s a chance to prove myself! Yay, I passed a test or rescued another cat or something and everyone loves me! I’m awesome! Firepaw is a stereotypical Gary Stu—he is eager to please and oh-so-perfect, with no real flaws. The other characters in Warriors: Into the Wild were just as bad as Firepaw. All the ThunderClan cats (with the exceptions of Bluestar, Tigerclaw, and Yellowfang) are so similar to each other. They don’t have individual personalities; they’re all annoyingly loyal, strong…and made me want to fall asleep. Would it kill you to give the side characters some substance and personality, Erin Hunter? But the character I hated the most (besides Firepaw) was definitely Tigerclaw. He’s such a generic, boring villain! He has no interesting backstory, no motives for his evilness (yes, I know there’s a Warriors novella from his perspective, but I wish Hunter had included more of his character development in this book). The book definitely would’ve been more interesting if Tigerclaw’s childhood or backstory was included. However, there were two characters that I actually liked. Bluestar seems very mysterious and kind of sad, which I thought was interesting. Maybe it’s something that will be explored in the later books in this series. (Wait, why am I acting like I haven’t read the entire series and all 75 or 80 of the Warriors books?) Anyway, Yellowfang was another awesome character. She’s so grumpy yet lovable, I love her attitude. She makes me think of a Grumpy Cat meme. Wow, how did I write this much about the characters? I am the QUEEN of long, rambling reviews. In conclusion, I may not have liked most of the characters in Warriors: Into the Wild, but I had to give it 3 stars because 1) it’s WARRIORS, and 2) after rereading this book, I found a picture of Yellowfang and Photoshopped it onto a Grumpy Cat meme. It was PRICELESS.

I love this book!! It's amazing!! This book is about a housecat named Rusty, who was very curious about the wild. One day, he stepped into the wild....

Such a good book reminds me of the indians and how they lived but with animals whenever iḿ in our woods I look forward to looking for cats to see if there n clans

I love this book so far. Erin Hunter is an amazing author. I an also reading survivors and seekers. THESE ARE SOOOOOO AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

by the way i finished it and it is so good. thunder clan is amazing

The first book in the series, Into the Wild by Erin Hunter, is Rusty's , aka Firepaw, Fireheart, apprentice journey to become a warrior. After he is accepted into ThunderClan, Firepaw must prove himself and show the clan he is worthy to become a warrior and is more than just a kittypet.

I have to say, Warriors is definitely one of the best book series ever! I've read most of the books and I'm so excited for the new book River a Starless Clan coming in april

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