By Gordon Korman

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From #1 New York Times bestselling author Gordon Korman comes a hilarious and heartfelt novel in which one middle-school troublemaker accidentally moves into the gifted and talented program—and changes everything. For fans of Louis Sachar and Jack Gantos, this funny and touching underdog story is a lovable and goofy adventure with robot fights, middle-school dances, live experiments, and statue-toppling pranks!

When Donovan Curtis pulls a major prank at his middle school, he thinks he’s finally gone too far. But thanks to a mix-up by one of the administrators, instead of getting in trouble, Donovan is sent to the Academy of Scholastic Distinction, a special program for gifted and talented students.

Although it wasn’t exactly what Donovan had intended, the ASD couldn’t be a more perfectly unexpected hideout for someone like him. But as the students and teachers of ASD grow to realize that Donovan may not be good at math or science (or just about anything), he shows that his gifts may be exactly what the ASD students never knew they needed. 

Publisher: Balzer + Bray
ISBN-13: 9780061742675
ISBN-10: 0061742678
Published on 2/18/2014
Binding: Paperback
Number of pages: 288

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Firstly this was an awesome book. Gordon Korman did a great job, as always. Donovan Curtis is an average guy, total class clown and does weird things. After he breaks part of a statue as a prank, he gets “accidentally” sent off to the Academy of Scholastic Distinction when his principal makes a screw-up. The Academy has kids over 150+ IQ, including Noah Youkilis, who has an IQ of 206. But what these kids don’t know despite their amazing IQ, is how to be normal. When Donovan arrives, he does not achieve good grades and is not the gifted student he is “supposed” to be, but instead introduces a new level to the Academy kids. He introduces YouTube to Noah who ends up getting addicted to it, and Chloe Garfinkle may even have a small crush on him. The team is working on a new robot for a competition, and Donovan does not know ANYTHING about robotics but surfs Google for stickers to stick on the robot... (which Donovan named Heavy Metal Metallica Squarepants) but skilfully operates the joystick controlling Heavy Metal. Once his principal realises his mistake, he immediately sends Donovan back to his original school. The Academy kids realise they need Donovan more than ever now. But what could they do about it? Read Ungifted to find out!

looks good

I want to read this book because I love Gordon Kormans books

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The book was awsome!

Donovan Curtis is an average kid, but when he knocks a huge atlas over, the superintendent is furious and accidentally writes his name on the list to go to the Academy, a school for brainiacs. After the first day, it is clear that he does not belong in the academy. A retest and a few close-to-meetings with the superintendent knock him back on track, and he starts wondering what will happen to him. Will he get summer school, community service, or worse, expelled...?

hilarious book!lovedit! i cant say enough about gordon korman's work! read this right now, it will be worth you time! you cant go wrong with this book!

This book was very good. It was about a boy who destroyed his school's gym.He gets sent to the school for gifted kids. He helps the kids build and win a robot battle. This was a very funny book to read and I recommend to everyone.

Ungifted is about a boy who is an average student and is almost always in trouble. One day after skipping detention Donovan Curtis suddenly feels the urge to smack a statue's big butt with a tree branch. Part of it falls off and crashes the gym. no one was hurt, thankfully, but the superintendent catches Donovan in the act. When he accidentally writes Donovan's name on the gifted list Donovan is sent to the Acadamy for scholastic distinctions. (AMSD) Will he be able to hide from consequences? To find out read ungifted by Gordan Korman. You'll be glad you did.

I really enjoyed this book! I can't believe I've never read Gordon Korman's books before! When I saw other people's reviews..I was like..It can't possibly be THAT good...But i was wrong. This is THE BEST BOOK EVER AND THE AUTHOR IS THE BEST AUHOR EVER!!!! So the next time you get a chance to read one of his books...don't miss the chance!! other wise you will regret it.

Awesome book so far!! I love the detail and thought the author puts into the words. Gordon Korman is an amazing writer, he is one of my favorite authors! I’m at the part where the teachers are discussing whether Donovan Curtis, the main character, is actually smart, and why he is in ASD, which stands for Academy of Scholastic Distinction. Can’t wait to finish the book and start the sequel, Supergifted! :D

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