Unconventional Warfare (Special Forces, Book 1)

Unconventional Warfare (Special Forces, Book 1)

By Chris Lynch

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Discover the secret missions behind America's greatest conflicts.

War is all about adapting. And nobody adapts to foreign geography, culture, or technology the way Declan McAllister does. He doesn't just want to win the war in Vietnam; he wants to understand it. In short, McAllister isn't your typical grunt.

Fortunately there's a place for him in the US military: the Studies and Observation Group (SOG), a new, elite, volunteer-only task force comprised of US Air Force Commandos, Army Green Berets, Navy SEALS... and even a CIA agent or two.

With the SOG's focus on covert action and psychological warfare, McAllister is guaranteed an unusual tour of duty. But when he's surrounded by guns and grenades, will any hope of understanding the conflict be blown to smithereens?

National Book Award finalist Chris Lynch begins a new, explosive fiction series based on the real-life, top-secret history of US black ops.

Publisher: Scholastic Press
ISBN-13: 9780545861625
ISBN-10: 0545861624
Published on 11/27/2018
Binding: Hardcover
Number of pages: 208

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