Two's A Crowd (Pug Pals #1)

Two's A Crowd (Pug Pals #1)

By Flora Ahn

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Two pugs. One beloved toy bunny. What could go wrong?
Sunny's new little sister, Rosy, is getting her paws into everything. When Rosy takes Sunny's favorite toy, Mr. Bunny, and loses him, Sunny is barking mad.
But when Rosy sets off on her own to find and rescue Mr. Bunny, Sunny starts to worry. Rosy's never been outside by herself before. Sunny will have to gather all the canine courage she has and go after them -- before Rosy and Mr. Bunny are both lost fur-ever!
Publisher: Scholastic Press
ISBN-13: 9781338118452
ISBN-10: 1338118455
Published on 1/30/2018
Binding: Hardcover
Number of pages: 128

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Pug Pals: Two's A Crowd is by Flora Ahn and it has an amazing plot! This story stars two pugs: Sunny and Rosey, who can't seem to get along very well. This story starts off with Sunny, who's personality is simple, quick, and lazy. When her human owner comes home, she is surprised to find another dog (her new sister) and stubbornly ignores her. Sunny wants to live her own life, as a single pug, where her human owner only spends time with HER. After Rosey gets the hint that Sunny doesn't want her here, she went to find Mr. Bunny (A stuffed animal that Sunny lost) to make up to Sunny. When Sunny find out that Rosey is gone, she packed up and went to go find Rosey. Sunny smelled Rosey's scent and it led to a rock. Sunny heard Rosey talking to a Sunny rock figure, telling the rock figure that she'll help Rosey find Mr. Bunny. After Sunny announces her arrival to Rosey, they both went to find Mr. Bunny, knowing that it'll make Rosey happy. When they went, they a building and a bunch of kids tossing Mr. Bunny everywhere! Rosey wanted to get Mr. Bunny back but Sunny stopped her. Sunny stopped Rosey because she learned that this little girl that took Mr. Bunny is better off with him. Both Sunny and Rosey learned that they can't be selfish and should always share. Outstanding book!

it was the best I love pugs SO much

I LOVE LOVE LOVED THIS BOOK. This book was so cute. Its about a pug and her younger sister that she doesn't get along with. I TOTALLY recommend it!

i really think this book is just adorble i totally recomend this book to dog lovers and to parents who like to read to their children.i just think its so cute like i still have butterflies in my stomach from reading it cause its so adorbs.

Well, I do have siblings, but they do not live at home. So I don't have to share my room or my toys with them. That's what this book is about, siblings. Sunny, I just love that name, is an only pug. She lives alone with her owner and is enjoying her space. She has everything in its place and a place for everything. Until, dum, dum, dum! Her owner brings home another pug, ROSY, her new little pug sister. Now, I use to always want a younger sister, but Rosy's behaviour is what reminded me that I don't want a little sister! Rosy is so all over the place with her high energy and always in Sunny's face. But when the worst of the worst things happens, Sunny duns on the big sister hat and leaves her safe space to find Rosy. What happens? Rosy and Sunny were tugging with Sunny's favorite stuffie, Mr. Bunny. Mr. Bunny goes flying out of the window. Now what? Will Sunny stay angry with Rosy? Will Rosy run away? Where is Mr. Bunny? I don't want to spoil the book, so please read it to get those answers. I think the book is an easy read for beginners and the drawings are cute! I like the book because it is realistic with the relationship between Sunny and Rosy.

Sunny the pug has lives a perfectly comfortable life. That is, until her owner brings home a new dog, a puppy named Rosy to be Sunny's "sister". Like all younger siblings, Rosy messes with Sunny's belongings. But when Rosy loses Sunny's favorite toy, she has gone too far. Chastened, Rosy goes off to find it. Can Sunny save both her little sister and toy before it's too late? Easy to understand text paired with simple black-and-white drawings makes for a fun, cute read.

very cute i really love it make more please i think it is really cool i ask you to make more cause everybody will love them i hope cause not everyone is the same

I read this because I love pug dogs, and this didn't disappoint me! I thought it was really cute and clever, and the illustrations were so awesome. It was cute and I think my sister is going to read it next.

This book looks so cuteee! It also looks heartwarming and hopefully funny, and I cant wait to read it when I get the chance! :)

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