Spirit Riding Free: The Adventure Begins

Spirit Riding Free: The Adventure Begins

By Suzanne Selfors

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Twelve-year-old Lucky Prescott craves adventure, but as a young lady of society she's only been allowed to experience adventure through books. That is, until one fateful day when Lucky, her father, and her aunt leave their neat-and-tidy city life and travel to their new home out west-the Wild West.
At first Lucky is excited, but during the long train ride to her new hometown of Miradero, she begins to worry. What if she doesn't make any new friends? Everyone in the West rides horses, but she's never been allowed to even sit on one. How can she possibly fit in? Anxious about the future, Lucky looks out the train window and sees a majestic wild stallion. When their eyes meet, she senses a connection. But when the stallion is caught by wranglers, Lucky's heart breaks. And when she next sees the stallion, he's tied to a post, refusing to be "broken in."
Spirit Riding Free: The Adventure Begins is the story of a girl and a wild horse, equally out of place in a strange, new world, but equally fierce and brave. With each other to lean on, will these two free spirits be able to find a home together?

Publisher: Little, Brown Books for Young Readers
ISBN-13: 9780316425063
ISBN-10: 0316425060
Published on 5/7/2019
Binding: Paperback
Number of pages: 272

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This book is super amazing! A girl named Lucky Prescott moved out of her home country. On the way, she saw a horse being captured by two taming horse men. (Later her own horse Spirt) This book tells you how to overcome big changes in your life and I totally recommend to read this book. (You can also watch the movie on YouTube)

This book is about a girl named Lucky Prescott, real full name is Fortuna, ex-city girl, having to miss her friend, Emma`s birthday party, moved to the country, while on the train, she noticed an horse, tan and white blaze on his face, galloping along the train, but she noticed 2 men was after the wild herd of horses, breaking (not actual breaking, it`s just means tame) captured the tan horse, then Lucky saved horse life, named him, Spirit, because that horse is full of the spirit. I rate this book 5 stars, I`m totally recommend this book!

The reason I read this book is because my cousin (ponygirl11) told me about it at a Valentine's day party. I LOVE THIS BOOK!!!! It is based off the spider riding free movie series.I LOVE HORSES! five stars!!!!!

Lucky Prescott is a city-girl moving to the country with her widowed father and Lucky's aunt Cora. She longs for a better life and more exciting journey and maybe a friend or two. She gets all of her wishes when she meets Pru and Abigail. They all become immediate friends. But the adventures don't just stop there. Lucky discovers a wild horse that its owner is trying to break (If you don't know already, the term "break" is referring to making a horse tame or domesticated.) Anyway, Lucky has to find a way to save this horse from the cruel treatment it is receiving.! Spoiler Alert! She does save the horse and buys him as her own. Lucky names him Spirit. I enjoyed this book because it was exciting. I suggest this book if you like horses, girl-power, and friendship. Happy Reading!

This is my fave book!! I just loveeeee horses!!