Third Grade Mermaid

Third Grade Mermaid

By Peter Raymundo

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Cora is a small mermaid with a BIG personality. But like so many mermaids in the third grade, she is struggling to truly be herself.

She wants to be like the Singing Sirens, the most glamorous swim team in the sea. Unfortunately, an annoying road--er, seablock--keep getting in her way.

When Cora fails her spelling test, her coach says she can’t be on the team unless she gets an A on the next one!

Can Cora conquer her spelling test, make the swim team, AND stay true to herself at the same time?

Publisher: Scholastic Press
ISBN-13: 9780545918169
ISBN-10: 0545918162
Published on 1/31/2017
Binding: Hardcover
Number of pages: 208

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I remember reading this book in 2nd grade. Cora's desire in life is to join the Singing Sirens, a fancy swim team. But there's one problem. Spelling. Cora fails her spelling test, and her coach won't let her in unless she gets an A on the next one. A special enchanted journal, a pen, and some encouraging words make Cora be true to herself. This book is pretty easy and simple, but Happy reading!

Read this book! I read it and it was so much fun. Cora struggles alot In this book but overcomes it. If you love mermaids you will love this book even more. Also it has really cool pictures. FIVE STARS FOR SUCH A CUTE BOOK!!!!!

Cora gets her first report card of third grade and she gets an A+ in every class - singing,swimming,splashing....well not every class, in spelling she got a F. Her mom is really upset and gives her a diary to practice writing in. Cora believes her mom put a spell on the book to make her want to write (but she didn't) along the way Cora gets a giant pet shrimp, deals with sirens and friendship. And all along the way she learns her spelling words. I think this book would be good for 2nd - 3rd grarers. Thanks for reading -Ajg15's Reviews

Third grade mermaid //////this book was not good in my opinion...I recommend it to younger kids then 11 year olds and I rate it 1star 😐 😐 😐 😐 😐 so this is about Cora ,so Cora really wants to be like the song sirens in her 'awesome' swimming team but she gets kicked out of her swimming team because she got an f because she did not do her spelling so now she has to learn words that she doesn't want to do 😐so her mom gave her a new diary for her to write in and she didn't like it but then she wrote in her whole diary then her mom gets her another diary and she loves it thank you so so so so so much for reading -pizzagirl7

At first I didn't want to read this book. My sister really wanted me to read it to her, though, and since I'm the only one who can read I did. It's actually pretty funny. And I wonder if I could go to 3rd grade in the water like in this book. Things would be really weird and my lunch would probably get all wet!

This book isnt a book for me it was to much of a fantasy and too many nonrealstic factors. I would recommend this book to ppl who enjoy reading mermaid books.

I didn't like this book very much because it's about a third grade mermaid who has anger issues and it wasn't fun to read about. On the bright side, there were some fun parts like the volcano and Larry finding out he needed glasses. The book was fine but not my favorite. Others might disagree.

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