The Year of the Book (An Anna Wang novel)

The Year of the Book (An Anna Wang novel)

By Andrea Cheng

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Grades 4 - 8Grades 2 - 4O3.620719

In Chinese, peng you means friend. But in any language, all Anna knows for certain is that friendship is complicated.

When Anna needs company, she turns to her books. Whether traveling through A Wrinkle in Time, or peering over My Side of the Mountain, books provide what real life cannot—constant companionship and insight into her changing world.

Books, however, can’t tell Anna how to find a true friend. She’ll have to discover that on her own. In the tradition of classics like Maud Hart Lovelace’s Betsy-Tacy books and Eleanor Estes’ One Hundred Dresses, this novel subtly explores what it takes to make friends and what it means to be one.

Publisher: HMH Books for Young Readers
ISBN-13: 9780544022638
ISBN-10: 0544022637
Published on 5/7/2013
Binding: Paperback
Number of pages: 160

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The Year Of The Book was OK. I liked it but it wasn't my favorite book of all time. But, it was good. ! ! ! I would maybe read this book again.

I would recommend someone to read this book. This is because the book is about a girl named Anna Wang, and what her school year was like. Her best friend Laura was hanging out with Allison and Lucy. Laura now didn’t have time to hang out with Anna. Anna now needs to find a new friend. This book also reminded me about another book I read, it’s called “Katie and the Cupcake Cure”. In both books the main character loses its best friend. The only difference is that in “Katie and the Cupcake Cure”, Katie finds a new best friend, Mia. In “The Year of the Book”, Anna gets her best friend Laura back and Ray the Crossing Guard becomes both of their friends. Even though the stories end differently, they both end with a happy ending.

I love this book, I even understand the Chinese words because I speak Chinese

Cool and interesting book. Good to read a variety of books from different cultures, and I found this one very interesting. I don't really read these types of books, but once I read it, I realized how good some was, so it was ok.

This book is really interesting and super entertaining. The characters make sense in the book and make the book even better. The only thing that I was not so sure about was that the title did not make sense until you are three quarters into the book. I really like this book and I reccomend it.

I really like this book, because I can relate to Anna. I get lost in books every day and don't have many friends to play with....

This book is about Anna. Her family is from China but she can't speak Chinese. Anna loves to be alone to read her books and is very good at making crafts. She doesn't have a best friend but that could change if she can put down her books.

This book is about a chinese girl who doesn't have any friends. She loves books. Books are her only friend. Reading this you will find out the true value of friendship.

This book is really sweet, IT'S A REALLY GOD BOOK!!! Anna is a girl, who uses her books as company. She later learns that books cannot be real friends and cannot tell her how to find a friend. I strongly suggest this book!

This book is good because i love to read and Anna reads alot. I also like Laura, because she is relly nice and i would like both Anna and Laura to be my friends. I LOVE how Anna speeks chinese,and i learned some is yi you say it as ee, two is er and you say it as are, three is sun and thats how you say it too. I also like that part where everyone is saying shee shee...that mens I need to go pee, not thank you. I also like the part where Anna and Laura makes the bags.

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