The White Giraffe

The White Giraffe

By Lauren St. John

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When Martine’s home in England burns down, killing her parents, she must go to South Africa to live on a wildlife game preserve, called Sawubona, with the grandmother she didn’t know she had. Almost as soon as she arrives, Martine hears stories about a white giraffe living in the preserve. But her grandmother and others working at Sawubona insist that the giraffe is just a myth. Martine is not so sure, until one stormy night when she looks out her window and locks eyes with Jemmy, a young silvery-white giraffe. Why is everyone keeping Jemmy’s existence a secret? Does it have anything to do with the rash of poaching going on at Sawubona? Martine needs all of the courage and smarts she has, not to mention a little African magic, to find out.

First-time children’s author Lauren St. John brings us deep into the African world, where myths become reality and a young girl with a healing gift has the power to save her home and her one true friend.

Publisher: Dial
ISBN-13: 9780803732117
ISBN-10: 0803732112
Published on 5/10/2007
Binding: Hardcover
Number of pages: 192

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"White Giraffe by Lauren St. John tells about 11 year old Martine and a white giraffe." One night Martine was sleeping but woke up to a hot and tingling sensation just to realize her house was on fire. After, her parents died due to the fire she had to move all the way from England to Africa. She had to go live with her grandmother that she had never heard about.. One night she SWORE she saw something that sort of looked like a giraffe out her window. But it was white.. She decided to go outside and look for it. But she found nothing. Another night she decided to look for it again. There it was, her looking up at it and it looking down at her. They made a connection. A strong connection. The giraffe saved, but she decided not to tell her grandmother. She was scared she was get mad at her for going outside at night, or worse, she was scared that she would do something bad to the giraffe, so she decided to not tell ANYONE. Martine's grandmother and parents knew she always had a connection with animals.

normielord235 normielord235

Good book

nole5 nole5

I think the White Giraffe is awesome! My new favorite book!