The Westing Game

The Westing Game

By Ellen Raskin

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The Westing Game(with Related Readings) (Glencoe Literature Library)

Publisher: Novel Units, Inc.
ISBN-13: 9781561374649
ISBN-10: 1561374644
Published on 1/11/2006
Binding: Paperback
Number of pages: 32

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A brilliant book. Very well written and quite a page turner! 16 residents of Sunset Towers find themselves the unlikely heirs of the wealthy Samuel W. Westing. But to inherit the money, they must first play Mr. Westing's last game: They have to find out who killed him. Neighbors turn on neighbors, wondering, plotting, scheming ways to find out who killed Mr. Westing. And when the time finally comes to uncover the murderer, readers will be in for a few surprises!

The Westing Game was a great book with a lot of plot twists. lt all started off with 16 heirs, $10,000 and a case to solving the murder of Sam Westing. The 16 heirs all live at Lake Michigan in Sunset Towers. Don't trust everyone because the most innocent might be the least innocent.

In Westing Games there were 16 heirs they all recived $ 10,000 to discover who killed a man named samuel w westing. It's a mystery you dont know who could be the murder or maybe there isnt a muderer maybe its just a rumor. The heirs have a job of trying to find out clues of the murder their prize is $200 million dollers for who ever wins. There is a few plot twists so be aware when you enter the sunset towers !

In this book their are 16 heirs that are trying to solve a murder. Samuel W. Westings murder! a game that is very dirty that has a bomber, bookie, a mistake and a robber. they live in sunset towers in lake Michigan but right next to them lives the Westing house that is full of surprises. which heir will come out with the $200 million and who will come out with nothing? Also don't trust any of the heirs because they might be hiding something. This book is full with plot twists . also this book is a murder mystery. I would recommend this book!

In the book "The Westing game" there are 16 heirs who have to find out who killed Sam W. Westing ( Their uncle) but then they have to play a game called "The Westing game." All of the heirs get chosen into a pair in which if they win they will get a nice cool 200 MILLION DOLLARS$! So every pair got clues and $10,000 to try to find who the killer was. This book has a bunch of plot twists and mysteries so I advise you to read it. This book is a 10/10!

16 people,1 murder, and 10,000 dollars everyone tries to find the murderer but everyone had to work in 2s but sooner or later one will pass away Crow might have been caught but we don't know sunset towers is a great mystery we don't know turtle got.

In, "The Westing Game " 16 heirs at Sunset Towers received $10,000 for a mystery to solve. A mystery on who murdered Sam W. Westing. Some of the heirs are a bomber, bookie, mistake, and a robber. Who will have the prize of $200 million, but remember that, " It is not what you have it's what you don't have that counts." ( Ellen Raskin page 45.)

The Westing Games is a murder mystery on who to trust and who is sus. In the westing Game their are 16 heirs trying to figure out who killed Samuel W Westing. The 16 heirs live by Lake Michigan in the sunset towers. Most heirs find out that Sam Westing is dead during the will of Sam Westing. Which heir goes home rich, and which heir strikes it broke. I highly recommend this book.

In the book The Westing Games,there are 16 heirs and each one got $10,000.1 heir is a murderer who killed Samuel W. Westing and nobody knows who.They all live in sunset towers and Sam lived in the Westing mansion.Who will win and who will lose?The winner will get $200 million.This murder mystery is long but good. Published in 1978

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