The Storm Runner

The Storm Runner

By J.C. Cervantes

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A contemporary adventure based on Mayan mythology from Rick Riordan Presents! 
Zane Obispo spends every day exploring the sleeping volcano in his backyard. "The Beast," as he calls it, is the one place where he can escape other kids, who make fun of him because he has a limp and walks with a cane.
A fter a twin-engine plane crashes into The Beast, a mysterious girl named Brooks shows up at Zane's doorstep, insisting that they meet at the volcano, where she will reveal a terrible secret. Zane agrees, mostly because beautiful girls like her don't usually talk to him. Brooks tells him that the volcano is actually a centuries-old prison for the Mayan god of death, whose destiny is directly tied to Zane's.  No way , Zane thinks. He's just a thirteen-year old nobody, and destiny or no destiny, he wants nothing to do with any of it , especially some god of death. 
But Brooks opens his eyes to the truth: magic, monsters, and gods are real, and Zane is at the center of an ancient prophecy that could mean the destruction of the world.Suddenly finding himself entangled in a web of dangerous secrets, Zane embarks on a quest that will take him far from home and test him to the very core.
Feisty heroes, tricky gods, murderous demons, and spirited giants are just some of the pleasures that await in this fresh and funny take on Mayan mythology, as rich and delicious as a mug of authentic hot chocolate.

Publisher: Rick Riordan Presents
ISBN-13: 9781368016346
ISBN-10: 1368016340
Published on 9/18/2018
Binding: Hardcover
Number of pages: 448

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dang I wanna read this . . . !!!!! :)

If you like Rick Riordan's books, you will like this book! Recomend for ages 9-14

Strange things start happening to Zane Opisbo, a thirteen year old with one leg shorter than the other. They begin when a plane crashes into the dormant volcano near Zane's house. Zane glimpses the pilot, and figures out that it was actually a demon from the Mayan underworld, Xib'alb'a. The next day, Zane meets a girl a girl named Brooks who tells him he will free the god of death, who is trapped inside the volcano. Brooks can shape shift from a hawk to a human. Zane must stop the god of death. But will the god destroy the world first? This is a great book because it is not only filled with action and adventure, but you can also learn about Mayan gods。

This book is AMAZING I don't even know how to explain it. But basically this book is about this boy who is actually a godborn, or as Rick Riordan fans such as myself know, demigod and this book is based on Maya mythology. There's this dead volcano in his backyard that has a secret entrance, that he and his dog Rosie, explores regulary. One night, he is at the volcano and there is a plane flying crazily over it. Then it crashes and something emerges... If you wanna find out what happens next, I HIGHLY recommend reading this book! -Wolfie

This book is awesome! I loved reading it.

Thirteen-year-old Zane Obispo has always felt out of place among other kids. One of his legs is shorter than the other, and people often tease him about it. Zane sometimes yearns to stay in his only comforting haven forever—a large volcano in the middle of his small New Mexico town, where he can be away from prying eyes. But then, a girl named Brooks mysteriously appears at his school, telling him he’s part of an ancient prophecy to defeat the Maya god of death. He doesn’t believe it. But who would? Soon, Zane finds out that what Brooks said is actually true—and evil lurks closer than he fact, it’s right inside the volcano! The two of them must embark on a quest to save their family, friends, and much more beyond. As they meet new companions and enemies alike, they learn that rockier terrain lies ahead, and if they don’t hurry up, the god of death will wreak havoc throughout the world. Can they do this? Or will time run out? Read this book to find out! Action-packed and filled with enthralling twists, this book will amaze readers who look for a good, adventurous story to read.

This is a great book! In this book based on Mayan mythology 13 year old Zane must escape his destiny of freeing the God of death and destruction! Zane lives in New Mexico with his mother, his dog Rosie, and his volcano that he has time to climb because of the fact that he is home schooled! His schooling was determined by the fact that he was picked on for having a bum leg! One day while climbing the volcano that he loves an aircraft crashes into the center of it! Zane can't believe his eyes the pilot is unharmed but the more unbelievable phenomenon is that it doesn't appear to be human! Later he finds a girl named Brooks who tells him that he is a demigod and that the monster who piloted the aircraft was a creature of Mayan mythology who was trying to find the God that Zane was destined to release! Now it is up to them to thwart this prophesy but how when if he doesn't follow thru with it he will lose his dog and his new friend! He releases the God who then claims him to be his hunter of death! The only way to save himself and the world is to embrace his Godly side and defeat the God!

A prophecy was made a long time ago, and Zane will be the one to fulfill it. But when one day Brooks shows up on his doorstep, she reveals everything to him, and is determined to stop the disaster. Pretty good book! Not as good as Percy jackson but still has the same flavor as it! I recommend it!

This book was about Zane, the weird kid at school with a bum leg. One day, a girl named Brooks appears. She tells him that he is special to a Mayan prophecy. They have many adventures together, meet gods, giants, battle demons, and so much more! I connected to this book because I related to Zane when he found out that he was apart of something much bigger than him. I give this book 4 stars because I liked the detailing, and the plot, and it was a good and interesting read.

jaya jaya

it was AMAZING i loved it

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