The Secret Tree

The Secret Tree

By Natalie Standiford

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A sweet story of a tree that's literally filled with secrets.

What is your secret?

Minty's neighborhood is full of mysteries. There's the Witch House, a spooky old farmhouse on the other side of woods from where Minty and her best friend, Paz, live. There's the Man Bat, a seven-foot-tall half man, half bat who is rumored to fly through the woods. And there are the Mean Boys, David and Troy, who torment Minty for no reason, and her boy-crazy older sister, Thea, who acts weirder and weirder.

One day Minty spots a flash in the woods, and when she chases after it, she discovers a new mystery--a Secret Tree, with a hollow trunk that holds the secrets of everyone in the neighborhood. Secrets like:

I put a curse on my enemy. And it's working.

I'm betraying my best friend in a terrible way.

No one loves me except my goldfish.

Publisher: Scholastic Paperbacks
ISBN-13: 9780545334808
ISBN-10: 0545334802
Published on 2/25/2014
Binding: Paperback
Number of pages: 256

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this book is so good! its epic! it had me on my seet worrying about Raymond! its epic and i cant recommend it enough!

Anyone who likes neighborhood humor and crazy secrets will love this book. When ten-year-old Minty discovers a strange boy and a tree that has secrets in its trunk, summer becomes very mysterious. Soon, Minty meets the boy-whose name is Raymond-and the two friends find many secrets among Minty's neighbors.

The Secret Tree is a tree that people dump their secrets into, to never be found. Whether they are good or bad. Minty Mortimer, or by her roller derby name, Minty Fresh, has a lot of problems. Her best friend, Paz, is starting to ignore her and is growing up faster than she is. When sixth grade starts, Minty, won't have any friends because Paz is hanging out with the 7th graders. As for her other problems, she needs to find out what the secrets people dump in the secret tree mean, and who wrote them. She needs to overcome the mean boys, Troy and David. She also needs to find out who is putting a curse on Paz. Then things get worse when Wendy's cat go missing. But she isn't alone. Her new friend, Raymond, will help her. She soon learns that Raymond is related to the Witch Lady. What does this mean? Natalie Standiford will impress you more than she needs to in The Secret Tree.

kaiya kaiya

this is one of the best books you will ever read

MollyCat25 MollyCat25

I totally loved this book so for people that didn't read it you should because if you like mystery this book is for you :)


This book is really good. It keeps you wondering who wrote the secrets

The book was great. I totally loved it. I am going to re-read it

Looks actually pretty good to me.

Read the first three pages an dso far so good!

very fresh like minty!

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