The Sasquatch Escape (The Imaginary Veterinary)

The Sasquatch Escape (The Imaginary Veterinary)

By Suzanne Selfors

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When Ben Silverstein is sent to the rundown town of Buttonville to spend the summer with his grandfather, he's certain it will be the most boring vacation ever. That is, until his grandfather's cat brings home what looks like . . . a baby dragon?

Amazed, Ben enlists the help of Pearl Petal, a local girl with an eye for adventure. They take the wounded dragon to the only veterinarian's office in town -- Dr. Woo's Worm Hospital. But as Ben and Pearl discover once they are inside, Dr. Woo's isn't a worm hospital at all -- it's actually a secret hospital for imaginary creatures.

After Ben accidentally leaves the hospital's front door unlocked, a rather large, rather stinky, andvery hairy beast escapes into Buttonville. Ben and Pearl are tasked with retrieving the runaway creature, and what started out as an ordinary summer becomes the story of a lifetime.

Suzanne Selfors delivers a wild journey filled with mythical creatures and zany adventures that are anything but imaginary.

This book includes bonus writing, art, and science activities that will help readers discover more about the mythological creatures featured in The Sasquatch Escape. These activities are designed for the home and the classroom. Enjoy doing them on your own or with friends!

Publisher: Little, Brown Books for Young Readers
Published on 1/7/2014
Binding: Paperback
Number of pages: 240

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CuteBunnies CuteBunnies

This book taught me about sasquatches while still being funny. The part I thought was funniest was the picture where the sasquatch is in a quickly moving shopping cart and wearing a tiny hat with a flower sticking out of it. I like that the book is not just about the sasquatch but also about a baby dragon.

hana coggln hana coggln

this book is lol and hillarious

This book is for kids who would like to become imaginary vets when they grow up(or for kids who want a sasquatch for a pet)

hana coggin hana coggin

this book is lol and hillarious

This book is really great.... Its like a mystery. I recommend this book if you like imaginary books or mystery books. if you didn't know, a sasquatch is bigfoot

I have read this book a bunch of times and I couldn't put the book down. Its a mystery adventure book with a sasquatch on the loose.

this book is amazing

BookReader129 BookReader129

fun book but what lvl is it

This book delves into the world of legends when two kids discover that the town vet is running a secret hospital for legendary creatures. When they accidentally set a Sasquatch loose in the town, they are charged with the task of bringing it back.

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