The Lobster Thriller

The Lobster Thriller

By Keith B. Darrell

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Wesley Snodgrass hates his life. Like most 16-year-olds, he hates the acne that dots his face, forcing him into a nightly ritual of playing Whack A Mole with a tube of acne cream, knowing a new pimple will sprout in any spot he missed. He hates the name Snodgrass. He hates his parents saddling him with a wimpy name like Wesley. He hates being viewed as weird by his classmates for living in an isolated lighthouse with his oceanographer father. But when his father acquires a rare yellow lobster, Wesley sees a path to popularity... unaware the lobster holds a deadly secret. A short story by Keith B. Darrell. 5,000 words.
Publisher: Amber Book Company LLC
Published on 1/12/2014
Binding: Kindle Edition
Number of pages: 45

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