The Jaguar's Jewel (A to Z Mysteries)

The Jaguar's Jewel (A to Z Mysteries)

By Ron Roy

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Book 10 of 26 in the  A to Z Mysteries Series
Interest LevelReading LevelReading A-ZATOSWord Count
Grades 2 - 4Grades 1 - 4N3.58751
Dink, Josh, and Ruth Rose visit a New York City museum, where Dink's uncle is a curator. A dazzling new treasure--a statue of a jaguar cradling an emerald--is delivered. But when it is discovered the jewel is fake, Dink's uncle is chief suspect, and the trio must find clues to find the real thief.
Publisher: Random House Books for Young Readers
ISBN-13: 9780679894582
ISBN-10: 0679894586
Published on 2/22/2000
Binding: Paperback
Number of pages: 96

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i read this book i was reading it then i had to stop but i wanted to keep going!!!

I read this book and it is really interesting. It is about a jewel on a statue of a jaguar which gets stolen and some kids try to solve the mystery of who stole the book.

i liked this book because it is a really interesting and easy to follow mystery. Lots of suspense!!!

I like this book because of how the jaguar steals the jewel like you will not think that a jaguar will take some of the jewel