The Good Master

The Good Master


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Grades 5 - 8 Grades 2 - 6 S 4.4 n/a
No child should miss out on the adventures of headstrong Kate, a girl from Budapest who spends summers with her cousin Jancsi on his father's ranch in Hungary. Horseback races across the plains, country fairs and festivals, a dangerous run-in with gypsies, and the chores and the joys -- and the colorful cultural trappings -- of daily life in pre-war Europe create a vivid, unforgettable world.
Publisher: Scholastic Trade
ISBN-13: 9780590445504
ISBN-10: 0590445502
Published on 6/30/1991
Binding: Paperback
Number of pages: 196

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The book The Good Master was written by Kate Seredy in 1935. It is about a boy named Jansky who lives on a farm with his mother and father. He longed for somebody to play with until his cousin Kate from Budapest came to live with him from the city. When she arrived, she was a spoiled and Headstrong City Girl who knew nothing about living in the country,` but over time learns to love living in the country and playing with Jansky. She was stubborn with everything and refused to do anything her uncle Martin told her to do. As Jansky and her uncle Martin took her home with them, she pushed them off the carriage and Road home by herself leaving them there stranded, making them have to catch horses from a herd and ride after her. Later she refused to eat her dinner and climbed up into the ceiling to eat their sausages for food storage for the winter. all the time she would scream for no reason and would get into mischief, so jansky and his father would call her a screaming monkey. She was sent to live with them because she was hard for her father to take care of and thought that living in the country would change her. one day as Jansky was about to go riding she asked if she could go with him but she knew that she couldn't ride a horse. She begged him to teach her until he finally agreed. Slowly Kate learns more about living in the country and how to behave herself. She and Jansky go on tons of adventures including going to the fair and circus, saving people’s lives, and encountering gypsies. Overall, I loved this book and encourage people to read it. Thanks!

This book is so good! I adore it. Also, it is hilarious. I would recommend it to anyone who prefers books that take place a little while ago.