The Coolest Stuff on Earth: A Closer Look at the Weird, Wild, and Wonderful

The Coolest Stuff on Earth: A Closer Look at the Weird, Wild, and Wonderful

By Kids, National Geographic

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Uncover the secrets behind our planet's most magnificent marvels, epic extremes, and astonishing animals in this fact-packed series sequel!

Did you know that dogs can shake off a pound of water in less than a second? That some sand dunes whistle and sing? That the U.S. dollar bill is full of hidden symbols related to the number 13? Our world is filled with strange, bizarre, and weird happenings. But what do they mean? WHY are they important? And what secrets are behind them?

These secrets and MORE are revealed through cool stories, action-packed photos, fantastic infographics, and exciting Q&As with in-the-field experts. Discover the secrets of sharkskin, the mysteries behind incredible island animals, the power behind lightning, how a rare gemstone changes color, and more. Kids will be captivated by this fresh way of looking at our amazing planet.

Publisher: National Geographic Children's Books
ISBN-13: 9781426338588
ISBN-10: 1426338589
Published on 11/3/2020
Binding: Hardcover
Number of pages: 192

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The fact about dolphins : totally cool. Has lots of interesting facts

I mean they even call each other by name! Almost human.

This book really is the coolest! From fantastical foods to crazy cliff climbing, The Coolest Stuff On Earth: A Closer Look At the Weird, Wild, and Wonderful has it all! Did you know that giant sequoia trees in California are some of the oldest living trees on the planet? Or that rabbit jumping is a sport played in Sweden? Find out more weird, wild, and most certainly wonderful facts in this book!

so thrilled to get this book!!

Crazy dog Crazy dog

Intresting book

Marika Marika

I know that dolphin has a language when I read this book I know that it is true when people tell me I thought that it was lie i took a lot of knowledge

Interesting! I didn't knew such-a cool thing on Earth!!

Ahmed Ahmed

It's very nice đź‘Ś

I dont read this yet.But I am sure it is fun.I have a competition to attend and this type of book will definitely give a lot of scores to my school.

Mason Mason

I read this book

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