The Contract (Jeter Publishing)

The Contract (Jeter Publishing)

By Derek Jeter

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The debut book in the Jeter Publishing imprint, The Contract is a middle grade baseball novel inspired by the youth of legendary sports icon and role model Derek Jeter.

As a young boy, Derek Jeter dreams of being the shortstop for the New York Yankees. He even imagines himself in the World Series. So when Derek is chosen for the Little League Tigers, he hopes to play shortstop. But on the day of the assignments, Derek Starts at second base. Still, he tries his best while he wishes and dreams of that shortstop spot. And to help him stay focused on school, his parents make him a contract: keep up the grades or no baseball. Derek makes sure he always plays his best game—on and off the baseball field!

Derek Jeter has played Major League Baseball for the New York Yankees for twenty seasons and is a five-time World Series Champion. He is a true legend in professional sports and a role model for young people both on the field and through his Turn 2 Foundation.

Inspired by Derek Jeter’s childhood, The Contract is the first book in Derek Jeter’s middle grade baseball series, an important part of the Jeter Publishing program, which will encompass adult nonfiction titles, children’s picture books, middle grade fiction, Ready-to-Read children’s books, and children’s nonfiction. For more about Jeter Publishing visit
Publisher: Simon & Schuster/Paula Wiseman Books
ISBN-13: 9781481423137
ISBN-10: 1481423134
Published on 4/26/2016
Binding: Paperback
Number of pages: 192

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I'm a BIG fan of Derek Jeter, and I'm really happy that he wrote this. We had to do a class presentation on someone in history, and I chose Derek Jeter. Fun fact: I got this for Easter.

ty ty

I love baseball and it was a really good book

jeff jeff

i am reading this book for a project and i've read it once before and it was good but since im older i can understand it better than i could when i was younger

jamal jamal

i read this book when i was in 4th grade and it was really good and now im in 7th grade and i can understand it even more

The Contract is good for anyone who likes baseball. Some parts were very boring. In the autobiography, Jeter makes his dream come true from hard work and not giving up.

i had no idea it was so hard and took so much time and alot of people to play a game. my dad says theres lots like hundreds of people who try to play baseball every year and maybe a handful actually get to play. im glad i can just grab a glove and play at the park and have a regular job when i grow up

The Contract is about young Derek Jeter, a middle school boy who loves baseball. Derek dreams of becoming the shortstop player for the New York Yankees when he gets older. In order to help Derek achieve his dream while also focusing on other parts of life Derek's parents put together a contract outlining rules about school and family time. Along with other things he has to keep his grades up, or no baseball. Derek is very excited to play Little League, but is disappointed to find out his team is the Tigers. But, he still is excited to play shortstop. That is until the day he is assigned he starts at second base. And Derek's team definitely has its low points. Can Derek keep up with school and family and pursuing his dream all while trying to keep his team together? To be honest this wasn't my favorite book at all. I like the idea, but in many ways it isn't realistic. One example, is that Derek never loses his temper on the field, and he never says one bad thing to another player. At home he confides in his parents, which is a good model but he also gets over things way too fast. I do however like the theory of the book, and I think some younger boys would like to read it. I rate this book 3 out of 5 stars.

Derek Jeter wasn't always the star player on his team he had to work for it. In this autobiography by Jeter he tells us what it takes to make your dream come true -hard work and determination.

i really liked this book and will keep reading the series i thought the author could make it more fun. But it is a gud book

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