The Book of Queens: Legendary Leaders, Fierce Females, and More Wonder Women Who Ruled the World

The Book of Queens: Legendary Leaders, Fierce Females, and More Wonder Women Who Ruled the World

By Stephanie Warren Drimmer

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Empire builders, legendary leaders, revolutionary rebels, powerful pioneers, and more ... discover more than 100 wonder women who prove that girls totally rule.

They're queens wielding scepters and sitting on thrones, they're revolutionaries on the front lines of change, they're presidents and prime ministers leading their nation, or they're CEOs, scientists, sports legends, and artists who are have risen to the top of their fields. Welcome to The Book of Queens, where being a mighty monarch doesn't just mean wearing a crown. Leaders like these come from all over the globe and have different talents. But most of all? They rule!

Are you ready to be inspired by the most powerful women in history? Some wielded their might for good while others let their power go to their heads. Yet all were powerful people who changed the course of history. From Elizabeth I to Cleopatra to Beyonce, every regal ruler in this book showcases the kind of guts, smarts, and strength it takes to lead. And while there are some wonder women you might recognize, others may leave you wondering why so many brave, smart, and hardworking ladies have gone unnoticed ... until now. Whether real-life royals or average Janes who rose to rule, get ready to be inspired by their stories.
Publisher: National Geographic Children's Books
ISBN-13: 9781426335358
ISBN-10: 1426335350
Published on 11/12/2019
Binding: Hardcover
Number of pages: 176

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Tells that women and girls are strong. LIBERTY,EQUALITY,and FRATERNITY!

This book is very interesting I thought it was really cool getting to learn about queens of kingdoms or just known as queens! I love it!

Nadhira alya k. Nadhira alya k.

This book so amazing i like this book 🤩🤩🤩

This book really has some interesting facts about women I never have even heard of before, including Marie Antoinette, who apparently has some issues. This book is really fun to read because it always has something new to learn, even for the greatest queen experts.

I won this and I love it

I won this!!thank you so much in so excited to get it!

This looks like a really cool book to have. Especially, since I am studying queens of the medieval period up to the Renaissance. Sorry I missed out on such an awesome book. Guess, I will have to buy it.

These facts about queens are amazing

me book fan me book fan

this book is awesome it tells you about all the Queen's so cool