The Austere Academy (A Series of Unfortunate Events, Book 5)

The Austere Academy (A Series of Unfortunate Events, Book 5)

By Lemony Snicket

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As the three Baudelaire orphans warily approach their new home Prufrock Preparatory School, they can't help but notice the enormous stone arch bearing the school's motto Memento Mori or "Remember you will die." This is not a cheerful greeting and certainly marks an inauspicious beginning to a very bleak story just as we have come to expect from Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events, the deliciously morbid set of books that began with The Bad Beginning and only got worse.

Publisher: HarperCollins
ISBN-13: 9780064408639
ISBN-10: 0064408639
Published on 8/8/2000
Binding: Hardcover
Number of pages: 240

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I think that this book was kind of dull except for the way end. Other than that it was OK. Definitely more room for action.

I think that the best word to describe this magnetic-like story is: Evocative. A fusion between sad, sad, sad, and hard-earned hope, this book will make anyone with a working emotional system feel like they were living with the Baudelaires on those miserable days. Mr. Poe sends the Baudelaires to Prufrock Preparatory School, and the chances of it being a contenting school are slim to none. Thankfully, they meet two siblings who share the Baudelaires brilliance and kindness. Albeit that though, Count Olaf finds them and plans to make their lives downright dreadful. Are big hearts, big smarts, and one definitely big plan good enough to figure out Count Olaf's plan and finally defeat him? Well, read the book to find out! I would recommend this book for 7+, because it may not be that long, but the author uses big words that little-er kids might not understand well. Overall, I really liked this book and would rate it 5 stars.

Violet, Klaus, and Sunny Baudelaire have been followed by the notorious villain, Count Olaf, who is trying to get his hands on the enormous fortune that the Baudelaire parents left behind when they died in a fire. The Baudelaire children have been with guardian after guardian but Count Olaf is always right behind them. And now, since guardians are obviously not working, the Baudelaires are going to boarding school. There they meet new friends, discover startling secrets about their parents, and discover that Count Olaf is disguised as the new gym teacher, with yet another scheme to steal their fortune. Will the Baudelaire children and their new friends be able to reveal Count Olaf's terrible plan, or will they end up in his clutches once and for all?

SO good! VERY suspenseful! I've read the book and watched the movie and read the book and all I can say is AMAZING!!

This book is the fifth book in the series and follows the adventures of the Baudelaire children. Violet, Klaus, and Sunny Baudelaire are orphans who lost their parents in a mysterious house fire. Mr. Poe, the children’s guardian, takes them to a boarding school called Prufrock Preparatory School. The school’s motto is Memento Mori, which is Latin for “Remember You Will Die.” The children go to Vice Principal Nero’s office. Nero, who is very arrogant, welcomes them to the school and explains that the academy’s advanced computer system will help keep Count Olaf, the children’s devious enemy, far away from them. Nero then tells the children that they will be living in the Orphans’ Shack because they do not have parental permission to sleep in the dormitories. I connect with this book because not knowing what's next can be scary and for the Baudelaire children, they don't have their parents there to tell them anything. I give this book five stars because of how the story is portrayed and the unknown of what's next.

Series of Unfortunate Events-Book the Fifth is as great as the others! The Baudelaire orphans are sent to boarding school, where Count Olaf finds them once again. At boarding school, the Baudelaire children meet the other pair of orphans that live there. They become fast friends, but trouble lurks the Baudelaire orphans everywhere. Count Olaf manages to escape once again, with the Quagmires, their new friends! This book is great for people who like suspense and mystery!

This series was my ENTIRE LIFE when I was a small human child. I saved any and all money I received to buy the books (my first collection of matching hardcovers) and listened to them on cassette tape (OKAY GUESS WHO JUST SOUNDS OLD RIGHT NOW) when I wasn't re-reading the physical copies.

zoie zoie

One reason i liked this book was because it tells of the challenges the Baudaliers had at schools and homes . The kids meet two children that had another but lost . this is the battle of Carmileta and the head of the school that he runs and the librarian tries to help and jkoins the vfd and fall in love with a man in the vfd .

I love A Series of Unfortunate Events! I think this is my favorite book in the series. The Baudelaires have been sent to an evil villain, a reptile enthusiast, a woman who's afraid of everything, and a man called Sir who apparently does not know what child labor laws are, and now they are sent to a wretched boarding school. Vice Principal Nero is a violin-obsessed, mimicking, and very, very rude person. The orphans are forced to live in a shack with ugly wallpaper, dripping fungus, and VERY territorial crabs. However, there is one good thing about the school. They make friends with two wonderful triplets named Duncan and Isadora, who are also orphans. But when Count Olaf shows up at the school in yet another ridiculous disguise, the orphans wonder how they can ever get away from this ruthless villain. Between S.O.R.E., comprehensive exams, and owing a terrible violinist MANY bags of candy, can the Baudelaires and their friends manage to stay out of Count Olaf's clutches?

my fave book in the series

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