Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift

By Triumph Books

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Taylor Swift Love Story is more than a biography; it s all the information you ever wanted to know about this music sensation. Did you ever wonder what Taylor s former music teachers think of her success? Or which boys inspired her hit songs? Are you curious what s on Taylors iPod? Or how she celebrates the holidays? This detailed book answers all of these questions and more, from her childhood in Pennsylvania to her Fearless tour, and everything in between! Taylor Swift: Love Story is a must have for all Taylor Swift Fans.
Publisher: Triumph Books
ISBN-13: 9781600784293
ISBN-10: 1600784291
Published on 3/1/2010
Binding: Paperback
Number of pages: 128

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she is asome i wish to meet her

I am so happy that they have a Taylor Swift book. I have three CD's with her songs and I have went to one of her conserts. I even go a picture of her. I have memorized all her songs. My favorite one is "Teardrops On My Guitar".

I like bad blood song

Taylor Swift is my Wonder Woman. I've listened to every song, memorized it and had it on CD!

kkjjhiug kkjjhiug

i love her songs

I want to meet TAylor swift in person

Sophia is aweso Sophia is aweso

I love Taylor and I'm a huge fan and this book is awesome !!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😍💕❤️💕

I love Taylor I am a big fan

Read this one. Had a lot of fun facts and info about her in it. It was one of the best Taylor Swift books ever!

filed filed

its good

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