Sugar and Spice (Whatever After #10)

Sugar and Spice (Whatever After #10)

By Sarah Mlynowski

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Book 10 of 10 in the  Whatever After Series
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Grades 4 - 8Grade 4n/a3.125208
That's the way the cookie crumbles!

Yum! Our magic mirror has dropped me and my brother, Jonah, into the story of Hansel and Gretel. If we're lucky, we may even get to taste the cake-house...

But we didn't count on accidentally getting trapped. The real Hansel and Gretel are on the run, and Jonah and I have taken their place. And the witch is making a kid casserole for dinner...

Now we have to:
- Avoid being eaten
- Pretend our dog is a cat
- Learn to make kale smoothies
- Befriend a talking duck

Or we may never make it back to our home sweet home!
Publisher: Scholastic Inc.
ISBN-13: 9780545851077
ISBN-10: 0545851076
Published on 4/24/2018
Binding: Paperback
Number of pages: 176

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I have read this entire series and I loved all of it! It is so fun and enchanting. A great one if you love twisted tales and girl power.

I have read this entire series and have loved every minute of it. Sarah Mlynowski does an incredible job with every book in the series but I think this is her best one so far. I highly suggested this book if you love fairytale and plot twists.

It is a b Angela far into this fall into the story of Hansel and Gretel they me Hansel and Gretel they look just like Abby and Jonah and so looks like Jonah griddle looks like a bee but then they go to the witch's house where they eat all the candy but then they they find that you may find the magic portal home but they didn't go because they switched have to being Hansel and Gretel and their story because they look identical life and then they have their dog prints the Wichita with a cat the witch made a bee make Jonah green smoothie so that he could eat her and make her eyesight better but then they eat the wall that was made a lot of sugar for 24 hours and then they got the licorice long and Olaf and licorice which was we should I plan to tie around our well-beloved which belong to Abby and Jonah who are his name was Prince actually up in a tree and then lying so that they could tired but then the police came and said that police games and he said we need to title with a lady at 1 and when they got their own out Abby and Jonah style that has been stealing their life they had they hadn't been hiding at man stealing pretending to be Abby and pretending to be Jonah that wasn't good i'm so and so they said that why did you do this and he said that we had no other choice but then they learned they were being braggy about not eating vegetables when their parents they said that they had enough sugar and they packed cookies and everything so that they could give it a chance when I'm going to go back to the story from their magic mirror and then they go back to their normal as being more grateful than ever the end

Abby and Jonah, are playing a game but when they played it they broke a lamp. They get in trouble, and need to cheer up. So they go through their magic mirror, witch if you knock on it once, it hisses, and if you do it another time it turns purple, and then do it one more time, it will suck you in like a vacuum cleaner, and when that happen's you land in a fairy tale. In this one, they land in Hansel and Gretel. Read their amazing idea's and adventure's!

jahin muntaha jahin muntaha

this is the first book I ever read in whatever after series I love it a lot and now I only have a few books left in the series. good as gold (sadly not made yet) sink or swim and bad hair day!

This book was a fun one, but I have read books that are still better. Abbey and her brother goon adventures together, and this time they are in the story of Hansel and Gretel, and Hansel and Gretel change places with Abbey and her brother.

Great book! So today Abby, her dog, and brother get dropped into the story of hansel and gretel! They were really excited because they thought they would see a candy house... But instead they got trapped! The real actual Hansel and Gretel have escaped and now Abby and Jonah have tooken there place. And worse that that they might be eaten because the witch is making kid casserole for dinner!! UH OH! They have to figure out so many things to help them get home that are really hard for example try not to become eaten a nd more!

I have to read this I've never read this book in the series but it looks GREAT if u follow me ill follow u XOXO_Cupcakeq

The magic mirror brings Abby, Jonah, and Prince into the story of Hansel and Gretel! They might even get a taste of the witch's cake house! But they didn't

It was a really good read!

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