Stellarlune (9) (Keeper of the Lost Cities)

Stellarlune (9) (Keeper of the Lost Cities)

By Messenger, Shannon

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Publisher: Aladdin
ISBN-13: 9781534438521
ISBN-10: 1534438521
Published on 11/8/2022
Binding: Hardcover
Number of pages: 736

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This is by far my favorite book series about a girl called Sophie that is both hunted and attempted to be recruited by an evil organization called Neverseen. It totally ends on a cliffhanger! I REALLY want to read book 10! THE SUSPENSE!!!!!!!!!

So many new revelations! The ninth KotLC book is full of suspense!

SO GOOD! I've this book, it is action packed and amazing! I agree with yvonnekotlclove that I recommend it also and hope book 10 comes out soon!

This book is so good! I read this in real life but to share to all of you i really recommend reading it! I hope book 10 will come out soon!