By Janell Cannon

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Grades P - 3Grades 2 - 4N3.51463
While out searching for food, fruit bat Stellaluna and her mother are attacked by a vicious owl. Stellaluna is separated from Mother Bat and taken in by a family of birds where she must put aside her bat habits to fit in with her new family. But one fateful flight when she is separated from her adoptive siblings, Stellaluna is reunited with her bat family and learns that even though we’re different, we’re very much the same.
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin
ISBN-13: 9780544874350
ISBN-10: 0544874358
Published on 7/17/2018
Binding: Hardcover

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I like this book because, of the illustrations, and story line. This book is great for people who like bats and cute stories. I recommend, this book for little kids and bedtime stories.

I am a fifth grader. This book is not that great in my opinion. I'm more of a horror and mystery person myself, but if you take interest in a sad story that ends in happiness then I guess it would be good. Also the art is pretty good and the story line is ok. In conclusion, this book is not that great and the only reason I rate it a two is, because of the art.

I recommend this book for long readers because I read it when I was little

 Alex.m Alex.m

I love stellaluna it is such a good book . The pictures are beautiful and I just love the silhouetted colors .and stellaluna and her mom are so cute .but when the owl comes it gets nasty but stellaluna is safe in a birds nest . After a couple days stellaluna gets lost but her mom finds her.

I love all of these books by Janell Cannon. The pictures are beautiful and the language and lessons are timeless.

I love this book I always remember this book and will never forget it I hope everyone likes it because it's an amazing book I just love this bok

i love this book so much when i grow old i will read this to my kids and grand kids too.