Sophia's War: A Tale of the Revolution

Sophia's War: A Tale of the Revolution

By Avi

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Lives hang in the balance in this gripping Revolutionary War adventure from a beloved Newbery medalist.

In 1776, young Sophia Calderwood witnesses the execution of Nathan Hale in New York City, which is newly occupied by the British army. Sophia is horrified by the event and resolves to do all she can to help the American cause. Recruited as a spy, she becomes a maid in the home of General Clinton, the supreme commander of the British forces in America. Through her work she becomes aware that someone in the American army might be switching sides, and she uncovers a plot that will grievously damage the Americans if it succeeds. But the identity of the would-be traitor is so shocking that no one believes her, and so Sophia decides to stop the treacherous plot herself, at great personal peril: She’s young, she’s a girl, and she’s running out of time. And if she fails, she’s facing an execution of her own.
     Master storyteller Avi shows exactly how personal politics can be in this riveting novel that is rich in historical detail and rife with action.
Publisher: Beach Lane Books
ISBN-13: 9781442414426
ISBN-10: 1442414421
Published on 9/24/2013
Binding: Paperback
Number of pages: 336

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Sophia Calderwood, a regular 12 years old girl in American Revolutionary War of 1770s. Her older brother, William had enlisted and fought in army of Patriots (American) against Loyalist (British) but William got killed on the prisoner ship of Patriots'. Sophia met few people; Lt. John André, Benedict Arnold, Robert Townsend, John Paulding, etc. Things had grown intense as when Sophia turned 15 later in the book and her spy name was Molly Saville, using her mother's maiden name and her first name. She uncovered the major secret between "Mr. Moore" (Benedict Arnold) and "Mr. Anderson" (Lt. John André). - Happy Reading!

I absolutely loved this book!! It was originally a read for a school assignment, but it turned out 2 be amazing!!

tynan.warrior11 tynan.warrior11

Pretty sad and good book if you ask me. It a a lot of killing too.😞

ally this book is cool

I am currently reading it and it is so interesting.

I saw it in the book order and I can't wait to read it.

Another amazing historical fiction book by Avi. If you've read and enjoyed his book, The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle, then you will equally fall in love with this book. The difference is that this book intertwines fictionalized characters with actual events from the Revolutionary War. Taking place in the New York region, this book adds a new perspective to the Revolutionary war. Written in first person, from Sophia's point of view, Avi allows another strong female character to enter the world of literature. This book is a most read for history buffs and adventure seeking readers!

I think this a wonderful book. this book is about a girl named sofia cadle wood sofia is tring to save her country.