Shooting Kabul

Shooting Kabul

By N. H. Senzai

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Fadi never imagined he'd start middle school in Fremont, California, thousands of miles away from home in Kabul.  But, here he was, half a world apart from his missing six year old sister who'd been lost because of him, as they'd fled Afghanistan. Adjusting to life in the United States isn't easy for Fadi's family and as the events of September 11th unfold, the prospects of locating Mariam in a war torn Afghanistan seem slim -- impossible. Desperate, Fadi tries every hare-brained scheme he can think of to find her. When a photography competition with a grand prize trip to India is announced, Fadi sees his chance to return to Afghanistan and find his sister.  But can one photo really bring Mariam home?
Based in part on Ms. Senzai's husband's experience fleeing Soviet controlled Afghanistan in 1979, Shooting Kabul is a powerful story of hope, love, and perseverance.
Published on 8/1/2011
Binding: Paperback

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This book was very different from other books I have read. It is about a teenage boy named Fadi who moves to California from Afghanistan but in the process, loses his younger sister Mariam. He is determined to find her and will not stop at anything in his way. Even though his parents will not go back to Afghanistan they do everything they can in America. When Fadi finds an opportunity of a lifetime to find his sister, he jumps at the chance, no matter what the bullies say. In my opinion, I think it could have been done a little better but it was good. Overall, if you like books that have to do with family, you should definitely read this book!

This is a good book. The main character and his family are refugees, running away from the Taliban who have taken over their country. On their way to a refugee camp, the little sister gets left behind. I liked how there was detail in the book near the beginning, but I didn't like closer to the end, it wasn't as detailed. There were some parts that were boring and some were interesting. Overall, I'd say I do recommend this book for someone who is very bored and wants to read a book.

This book was very unique. I thought that the feeling brought out at different times in this book was very powerful. This book was about a young boy named Fadi, who lived in Kabul but has to come back to America to get away from the war currently happening. He lost Mariam, his little sister, on the way there. They do as much as they can to find her, while still living life in America. I loved the parts with suspense and the aftermath of it, like when they lost Mariam, but it got a little boring at times like when Fadi was at school being bullied by generic bully characters. This book feels very real to me as if this actually happened. (It is based on a real story, but not all of it is real.) I would recommend this book to people who like tragic stories that are based on very real problems.

I thought this book was interesting but the plot was kind of dull. A little background on the book: Fadi, the main character, escapes from Afganistan to get away from the Taliban, but as they escape, they accidentally leave Mariam behind, and the book is about finding her. Fadi is given the opportunity to find Mariam if he wins a photography contest, but will he win? If the book had more action, deeper relationships, more character development, or more twists, then I would have given it 5 stars. The book is not horrible though. I was satisfied with the book, beginning to the end, but I just wanted to suggest some things.

I liked it too! I also read for school, but still liked.

i like this book, but only because i had to read it for school