Shark Wars

Shark Wars

By EJ Altbacker

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Grades 4 - 8Grades 3 - 8V4.846642
Since the dawn of time, prehistoric shark clans called Shivers have ruled over the earth's oceans, fierce protectors of all who swim. For eons, the Big Blue has prospered under Shiver Law, and the delicate balance of sea life kept sacred. Until now.

Rising sea temperatures and overfishing have caused food to become scarce, and the battle for new hunting grounds has brought with it corruption and warfare.

Now, with the ocean on the brink of chaos, a young reef shark named Gray - exiled from the safety of his peaceful reef home - must venture deep into Open Water to unlock the secrets of his destiny and bring peace back to the ocean. But first, he'll have to discover the truth about who - and what - he really is.
Publisher: Puffin Books
ISBN-13: 9780141339559
ISBN-10: 0141339551
Published on 7/1/2011
Binding: Paperback
Number of pages: 256

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I liked it, it was very thrilling and once you read one you cannot stop. I was reading it so much at one point!

This book is the first of the shark wars series and it is really cool. I liked when gray (the main character) realises He is more special than he thinks. Not going to spoil.

I thought this book was so good that I started reading the whole series.

kat_attack kat_attack

epic :3 I really hope someday they make a movie out of it. There is so much action and the way they put the story together is amazing. All six books are really good and i highly recommend these series. My favourite characters are Velenka and Snork. Can't get enough of this book!

Friend, I honestly it was amazing!

I really liked all the action in the book, it was very fun to read and i enjoyed the description. I think it was really cool when they found out that Gray was a megalodon. it was awesome when they found tyro's skeleton.

my favorite charecters are gray, barkly and striker my favorite parts are when he got his head stuck in a bucket and when he got banded it was sad and cool and my most favorite part is when they went to the tuna run and the battle was cool two i can't wait to get #2 battle of the riptide

I think this story is awesome!This is a story about a reef shark called Gray who gets kicked out of his shiver and in order to join he needs to participate in the Tuna run and win the race!On the way to the Tuna run,he meets his friend Barkley the dogfish and gets in trouble.The worst trouble that struck them was that they accidentally swam into Goblin shiver territory and they needed to join them to fight against the rival Razor shiver.If you like sharks,adventurous stories and battle stuff,I highly recommend this book!

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