Scarlett: A Star on the Run

Scarlett: A Star on the Run

By Jon Buller, Susan Schade

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Scarlett is a small, harlequin-colored cat and a huge movie star. And what's more ― she talks! However, abused by her producer, she dreams of but one thing: escaping! So, when the occasion presents itself, she runs for her life. In the company of Trotter, a dog who's escaped the same torment, she is taken in by Mr. Bougnon. But with the noose getting tighter, will they manage to elude their terrible pursuers?
Publisher: Papercutz
ISBN-13: 9781629912912
ISBN-10: 1629912913
Published on 11/17/2015
Binding: Paperback
Number of pages: 124

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Scarlett is a cat that acts in movies. A surprising thing about her is that she can talk with actual words. Scarlett doesn't like her director and thinks about escaping. She eventually escapes and meets a dog. Scarlett and the dog go on an adventure from there.

This book was soo good I am going to read it a million times.This book is about a cat who is a star of a show in a lab and runs away she finds a realy nice man to keep her you should read this book!!!

Scarlett is a cat but a very special cat a singing dancing and talking movie star cat. But being a star is not all it is cut out to be so Scarlett runs away. Scarlett doesn't want to go back to the theater where she is locked up in a cage and given shots but now drones have been sent out to find her. Then she finds Frank, a hermit who lives in a run down old cabin that could be on a hoarder show. Frank doesn't mind Scarlett living with him and he seem to think that her speaking is just voices in his head. Will Scarlett have to go back to being on stage or will she be safe with Frank?

Scarlett: A Star on the Run was about a talking movie-star cat and her equally talking doggy friend Trotter. Scarlett and Trotter despise their lives as actors, and their abusive owner. So one night when a window is left open Scarlett and later Trotter seize the opportunity to escape. The pair are taken in by a grouchy old man named Frank, and live with him in his broken-down old cabin. Then one day Frank is taken away in an ambulance-and who knows what has happened to them. Will Scarlett and Trotter be able to evade their pursuers or will they be captured again? This book was an interesting format I have never seen before. It started out as a graphic novel, but then it also alternated as a elementary chapter book with pictures. I recommend this book to elementary aged kids. I rate this book 4 out of 5 stars.

This book was mostly okay, but dull a lot. Overall, it was an interesting mystery, but reminds me too much of other books similar to it that were boring, making it hard to stand out.

I liked this book because this was like a mystery. But it was boring a little bit thats why i did not give it full stars

Scarlett is a star. She is a talking, dancing cat, who normal people think is a robot. She is a transgenic, who has been illegally changed for movies. She escapes and goes on a big adventure, eventually showing the authorities what was going on in the lab.

Scarlett, a cat struck with the movie star life, is sick of being in the show business. One day, she decides to escape her home and adventure out on her own. She stumbles (literally stumbles) upon an old, run down cabin in the woods. A grumpy man named Frank takes her in, but is convinced she is crazy because she talks. Scarlett's friend, Trotter joins her at the cabin. Soon, The two find out that they are in danger of being caught by the drone spy cams. Will they be able to stay away?

When her mean producer does somethings to her, scarlett, the talking, one of a kind cat, a movie star escapes her horrid life with trotter, a dog. But they fall into other mean hands. They go through with there life escaping.....

Scarlet was a great book! When I first read it I thought WOW, a talking animal. But now I understand the "main idea“ of the book. THE BEST BOOK EVER! Thanks DOGO!

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