By Ingrid Law

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Recounts the adventures of Mibs Beaumont, whose 13th birthday has revealed her ""savvy""--a magical power unique to each member of her family--just as her father is injured in a terrible accident.
Publisher: Thorndike Press
ISBN-13: 9781410435309
ISBN-10: 141043530X
Published on 3/2/2011
Binding: Hardcover
Number of pages: 450

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graceson graceson

Join Mibs (Mississippi)in this strong tale of finding her power. Mibs comes from one family that has savvies (powers).If your from one of the special families,on your 13th birthday you get your savvy. A few days before her birthday,her dad gets in a big accident.On her birthday she misinterprets a pattern and thinks her savvy is waking things up.In hopes of saving her father,at her birthday party,she runs away to try and get to his hospital.Later into the trip she sees that she actually has the savvy to hear people’s thoughts and feelings if they have ink on their body.Thankfully,her dad has a mermaid tattoo. You will laugh,you might cry (I almost did) and you will want to be the characters best friends.Ingrid Law truly made a amazing world with characters that are wonderfully down to earth.I would say if you like any genre of book,you should read this.

I read this the summer before seventh grade as a summer reading assignment. I absolutely loved the book! My librarian and I from middle school would discuss the book and during ravenous reads, our little book club, we would discuss the book. I am currently in ninth grade and I found this quiz to be a marvelous reminder of all the fun ravenous reads lunches and the novel.

I read this book a couple of years ago, and it's amazing!

I really liked this book. I would say it's magical! It's about an entire family that have "savvy," which means special powers. The book is as adventurous and fun as the family it's about. Savvy makes you want to be part of the Beaumont family.

this is a rely good book it has lots of rely good things. in fact i got my new book today this book is about magic . the characters stop going to school when they get their magic and its rely neat.

This was amazing and extremely suspenseful. I really loved it and highly recommend it! I really enjoyed the outcome(although I won't spoil it!). Thank You!

This book was great! It's about a girl who gets her magical power or "savvy" on her thirteenth birthday, just as her dad is injured. I enjoyed this book, and I'll probabaly read it again another time.

Mibs (Mississippi) Beaumont is going to be 13 soon, as if becoming a teenager isn't hard enough, 13 is when people in her family get there Savvy - one of her brothers caused hurricanes and another brother creates electricity - who wouldn't be nervous? Mine hopes for a really cool savvy, like flying or even X-Ray vision, but her poppa gets in a bad accident all she wants is a savvy good enough to save him. One thing leads to another and Mibs, her brothers Fish & Samson, Bobbi and her "brother" Will Jr. , To on a super fun/crazy adventure to go save Mibs poppa! What will her savvy be?? READ ON! Super great read, enjoyed every page. Thanks for reading - Ajg15's Reviews

yobo52 yobo52

Great book must read

This is like one of my favorite books and when I finished this book I just wanted to pick up the second book in the series savvy

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