Room 13 (New Windmills)

Room 13 (New Windmills)

By Robert Swindells

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Fliss has a nightmare about Room 13 on the night before her school trip. When she arrives at Whitby, the hotel looks familiar. Fliss realises that it is the house in her dream, except there is no Room 13. But at the stroke of midnight changes take place and Fliss and her friends are drawn into danger. For lower Key Stage 3 students.
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Published on 2/12/2009
Binding: Paperback

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I loved this book! I loved when Felicity, Lisa, David, and Gary try to stop Ellie-May from entering room 13 even though she was possessed by Dracula the Vampire but when they told their teacher Mr Hepworth and they checked room 13 it was a Janitors closet... Even though they were in big trouble for doing this they still did what was right to protect Ellie-May even though their superiors thought they were pulling pranks. In the end Fliss, Lisa, David and Gary still got into trouble, they saved Ellie-Mays life and gained her trust for doing that! The lesson is to always do the right thing even if others think we are liars, it will hurt but Good things will always find a way through in the end! πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜€πŸ˜Š

This book is great! I recommend it to people who like horror or thrillers because this book can get scary! Felicity is a very brave girl because she knows how to handle scary situations without pressure of fear, Lisa is her best friend, and I can see why! She is also very brave and is always by Felicity's side when something bad happens. David Trotter is sometimes called 'Trot', but he can be a very naughty boy and sometimes teases people so the fact that he teamed up with Lisa and Felicity is confusing, and Gary is David's best friend and he also helped Lisa, Felicity and David with their plan. Basically they are in year 6 and are on a school trip to'The Crows Nest' which is a hotel which turns out to be a haunted house and they come across a girl called Millie May is seen sleepwalking into a mysterious room...