Ribsy (Henry Huggins)

Ribsy (Henry Huggins)

By Beverly Cleary

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Newbery Medal-winning author Beverly Cleary gives Henry's dog, Ribsy, the center stage in this dog's-eye view of the adventure of a lifetime.

Good ol' Ribsy's ever-curious mind has always gotten him into scrapes, but this time he may have gone too far. After a comical turn of events, Ribsy finds himself in the wrong station wagon with the wrong children. Ribsy will do anything to find Henry, but there's plenty of excitement to be had along the way—and scoring a touchdown for a local high school team is only part of the fun!

Publisher: HarperCollins
ISBN-13: 9780062652409
ISBN-10: 0062652400
Published on 11/7/2017
Binding: Hardcover
Number of pages: 192

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Henry Huggins (his owner) and Ribsy have a very strong bond, but one day they all go to the store, but dogs aren't allowed! So Ribsy sits in a car where is soon starts raining. Now, Henry family was in the store a very long time, so of course, Ribsy got bored! Ribsy managed to get out the car window, and he runs away. Henry quickly got worried when he got back after Ribsy had hopped out of the car window and ran away. Ribsy goes through a very exciting journey, where he goes to a game goes on a fire escape and after that, safely gets home. Hope you Love the book as much as I did!

This book, Ribsy is so sad! Ribsy sadly runs away. But not before he gets trapped in a hot car, where it soon starts raining. He hops out the window and runs away! Henry Huggins (his owner) quickly gets worried. Henry was in the store a long time, so Ribsy got bored. That's why he ran away! in the end though, he does safely get home. Hope you love the book as much as I did!

Not as exciting as I intended it to be...

ive read this before! i like it!