Real Girls' Guide to Everything: ...That Makes It Awesome to Be a Girl!

Real Girls' Guide to Everything: ...That Makes It Awesome to Be a Girl!

By Erin Brereton

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Just when you think there is nothing more to a girl's life than cute clothes, lip gloss, and teen pop stars, along comes Real Girl's Guide to Everything, a handbook that uses humor and everyday situations to emphasize positivity, achievement, and being a strong individual. Of course there will be tips about fashion and beautyÑthose are some of the most fun parts of being a girl - but with more than a one-sided view of their importance in a girl's life. There will also be serious topics and advice on things that girls really care about. The book will show how to celebrate being a girl, how to feel beautiful inside and out, and how to change the world. The Real Girl's Guide to Everything will get away from all the formal stuff and the clutter that usually goes into books like this. It may dig a bit deeper into some topics, but in a fun way, using helpful illustrations to explain the content.
Publisher: Triumph Books
ISBN-13: 9781600786396
ISBN-10: 1600786391
Published on 5/30/2011
Binding: Paperback
Number of pages: 192

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It was pretty interesting. I figured that I don't really need it, though. =3

If u r a girl who needs tips on life this is one big help for you! It helps life.

If you're a girl and you need some help or just something to read for fun, this is the book for you. Tips on everything from self-confidence to makeup tips!