By Victoria Kann, Elizabeth Kann

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Book 1 of 3 in the  Pinkalicious Series
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This sparkling New York Times bestselling picture book from Victoria and Elizabeth Kann celebrates all things pink while showing readers that being yourself is the best of all. This 10th anniversary edition of Pinkalicious features a special sticker and a glittery jacket just for the occasion.

Pinkalicious loves all things pink. From fairy dresses to cotton candy to bubblegum. Most importantly she loves eating pink cupcakes. Mommy and Daddy warn her not to eat too many, but Pinkalicious can’t help herself. They’re just too good! But when Pinkalicious eats one too many, she turns pink herself! What will she do?

Pinkalicious is the first picture book starring Pinkalicious and her family. She stars in five more picture books—Purplicious, Goldilicious, Silverlicious, Emeraldalicious, and Aqualicious—as well as I Can Reads, doodle books, and more!

Publisher: HarperCollins
ISBN-13: 9780060776398
ISBN-10: 0060776390
Published on 1/5/2016
Binding: Hardcover
Number of pages: 40

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Pinkalicious loves pink so much. and eating too much pink cupcakes she turns pink. She is delighted by this change.and when her mother asks the doctor she asks pinkalicious to eat lots of green . However, keeps on eating pink cupcakes . this results in her turning a red shade instead. She did not want to turn this shade, so she eats a lot of green food which turns her back to her regular color. but then her brotherturns pink by eating too much pink cupcakes and yells pinkaboo.

Pinkalicious loves pink so much. However, she keeps eating pink cupcakes which leads her to turning pink. She is delighted by this change, and eats even more pink cupcakes. However, this results in her turning a red shade instead. She did not want to turn this shade, so she eats a lot of green food which turns her back to her regular color. Overall, this book was really colorful and I use to read these books a lot. I recommend this book to people who like comedy books, or short stories. I rate this book 5/5.

BoRRRingggg BoRRRingggg

I hate these books they bring back terrible memories

Great book and so funny!

Grace Grace

Pinkalicious turned red and pink. I liked everything about it. She tried to climb up and get another cupcake when the doctor said "no pink food" then she ate lots of green foods to go back to normal.

Analys Analys

I think Addison shold read this book by Vitoriakann pinkalicious because it's so funny and I think Addison well love the part that her makes a chocolate hat it looks tasty and she made a cupcake out of a castles that's so cool I hope you love this book enjoy.

myshonda myshonda

i like that book

I really like this book. It is funny because Pinkalisious is warned not to eat all the PINK cupcakes. She keeps eating them and she has to go to the doctor because she turned red!! The doctor told her to only eat green food and she is grossed out. Her parents hide the cupcakes from her. She starts eating green food and turns back to normal!! But there is a problem, Peter is pink now!!!!!

I Loved this book. I luv pink!!! Pink, pink, and more pink. YAY!!!! I recommend this book for kidz who like the color pink! YAY!! I just Love the word pink. If you like the color pink...YOU MUST FOLLOW ME!! :)