Pi in the Sky

Pi in the Sky

By Wendy Mass

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Joss is the seventh son of the Supreme Overlord of the Universe. His older brothers help his dad rule the cosmos, but all Joss gets to do is deliver pies. That's right: pies. Of course, these pies actually hold the secrets of the universe between their buttery crusts, but they're still pies.

Joss is happy to let his older brothers shine. He has plenty to keep his hands full: attempting to improve his bowling score; listening to his best friend, Kal, try (and fail) to play the drums; and exploring his ever-changing home, The Realms. But when Earth suddenly disappears, Joss is tasked with the seemingly impossible job of bringing it back. With the help of Annika, an outspoken girl from Earth, he embarks on the adventure of a lifetime...and learns that the universe is an even stranger place than he'd imagined.

From the New York Times bestselling author of The Candymakers comes a world-hopping tale that leads the reader deep into the heart of the mysteries of time and space. Plus, there's pie.
Publisher: Little, Brown Books for Young Readers
ISBN-13: 9780316089173
ISBN-10: 0316089176
Published on 4/15/2014
Binding: Paperback
Number of pages: 272

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I give this book a 3 star Because I didn't really like the way the book ended. The connection I made with this book is the main character has a friend named kal and so do I. This book is about a kid who lives in the realms and delivers pies around the realms but then suddenly he sees that earth went missing. Then him and his friend have to try and find earth because their best friend was on earth when it went missing.

I rate this book as fair since I do not appreciate when the author, Wendy Mass, writes in too much explanation about the scientific materials that the protagonist, Joss, needs to create Earth again since his friend’s parents destroy it, but for an understandable reason. When Joss is with his human friend, Annika, they talk to a professor who knows about the ingredients needed to make the Earth the same way it used to be. The descriptions Mass writes makes the book duller since it is hard to understand how everything is and how it is put together. I additionally do not appreciate that when Annika came to where Joss lives, she realizes that Joss’ people are humans. Mass does not distinguish the difference between them and makes me feel as if it is normal for Annika to live there, when it is not. What I do appreciate about this book is Joss’ attributes since he is always modest. He is the seventh son of the Supreme Overlord of the Universe and also the youngest. He used to think that his job, delivering pies, was not important since his brothers have more important jobs, but even though one of his brothers reveal to him that he has an extremely important job and his family kept that a secret, he is still modest. Another quality I appreciate about Joss is that he does not give up. “Dad grips my shoulder. ‘Joss, I cannot bring her planet back. It does not exist anymore. You must accept it. Kal will always be alive in your memories.’ I cringe at his words. I can’t accept it, no matter what he says. I have no experience with losing anyone...I shake my head. ‘There must be something…’” (Mass, 33) This quote shows that when Joss’ dad tells Joss that he will never see Kal again, Joss will do everything he can to gain Kal and his family back again.

I've finished this book and it's totally awesome

Cant wait to read it.

It is science fiction and awesome it's just like a movie or a TV show it has parts I love it! I think you should read this book.

Wendy Mass has officially made me aware. She has made me reognize that you should broaden your horizons when it comes to authors. I had always looked over her books because I knew that I would get bored with them very quickly. And this is where you can take a newpaper and whack me upside the head with it. The first rule of buying, looking, or checking out books is that you never judge it by its cover. Please shun me, run away from me, make me eat salad (I actually have nothing against salad), if that's what it takes to forgive me of this awful sin, do it. I was completely wrong when it came to reading this book. It kept me captivated, interested, and intrigued the whole time. I usually don't like reading about space or anything like that but this distracted me from that immediatly. I can totally relate to this book- aside from the fact that one of the main characters is the son of the Supreme Overlord of the Universe. It also made me interested in more kinds of books with different kinds of chracters points of views. It has changed my view on the book world tremendously.

This is an amazing science-fiction book! It is about a boy who meets a girl that came from earth when it disappeared. He and the extremely amusing girl have to figure out how to get the earth back, meanwhile getting his best friend back, whose parents were on earth when it disappeared.

This is a very interesting book. I love all of Wendy Mass' books, and I got this from the library right when it came out. Most of her books explain things I never understood, and give me a new perspective. It's awesome! I would recommend anyone to read it.