Molly's Story: A Dog's Purpose Novel

Molly's Story: A Dog's Purpose Novel

By W. Bruce Cameron

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From W. Bruce Cameron, the author of the New York Times and USA Today bestselling novel A Dog's Purpose, now a major motion picture!

Meet Molly―a very special dog with a very important purpose. An irresistible book for young middle grade readers adapted from A Dog's Journey, the sequel to the bestselling A Dog's Purpose―now a major motion picture!

Molly knows that her purpose is to take care of her girl, C.J., but it won’t be easy. Neglected by her mother, Gloria, who won’t allow her to have a dog, C.J. is going through some tough times. Molly’s job is to stay hidden in C.J.’s room, cuddle up to her at night, and protect her from bad people. And no matter what Gloria does to separate them, nothing will keep Molly away from the girl that she loves.

Adorable black-and-white illustrations by Richard Cowdrey bring Molly and her world to life. Also includes a discussion and activity guide that will help promote family and classroom discussions about Molly’s Story and the insights it provides about humankind’s best friends.

Publisher: Starscape
ISBN-13: 9780765394941
ISBN-10: 0765394944
Published on 5/21/2019
Binding: Paperback
Number of pages: 208

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I love Molly's Story and I love the strong love between Molly and C.J. Molly's Story, a realistic fiction by W. Bruce Cameron about a little puppy named Molly who knows that there is a very important reason that she exists. She is here to take care of her girl, C.J who also loves Molly the same way Molly loves her. But C.J's mother has a very strong dislike of dogs and does not know that C.J has kept Molly. CJ gets in trouble for something she did not do and has to help with a community service. She chooses to help to train dogs to smell cancer even before docters can detect it Molly learns how to too. And she detects it on someone very unexpected.

Molly is the sweetest pup a girl could ask for. I really loved the book. The only reason I gave it 4 stars was, there were some sad parts. Like when Gloria took Molly to the shelter.There are funny parts too. Like when Molly is a little puppy she and her brother bite each other's ears. The thought of me is pretty funny.I would definitely recommend this book if you like adorable dogs and a happy ending. 🐶

Title: Molly's Story Author: W. Bruce Camron Genre: Realistic Fiction Overall this book deserves a 5/10 because it has some sad parts, there are cliff hangers and, many funny parts. This book also has many interesting chapters that will want to make you read more for example when Gloria brings Molly to the shelter while CJ is at school. I would say this book should be for 4th grade and up if a 3rd grader tried to read it they might get confused about some parts.

I didn't read the book like this, but I read A Dog's Purpose. I loved this nevertheless!

Molly has been at the animal shelter for as long as she can remember. The young dog doesn’t know what goes on outside her cage...but she wants to explore it, especially when a girl named CJ comes to the animal shelter. Molly knows that CJ is the perfect owner for her, and they belong together—but CJ’s mom, Gloria, will never let her have a dog! How can they make friends if their boundaries are so restricted? One day, CJ decides to risk it, and hide Molly from her mother. She and her best friend Trent go back to the shelter, and take Molly to her new home. For the next few weeks, Molly lives a trapped life, hidden away from Gloria and any other people who might pose a threat. She is upset. Isn’t life with her human supposed to be better? But after some time, they find a more effective way to hide. CJ goes to Trent’s house so she can leave Molly there for the weekends, and she skips school on the weekdays to spend more time with her. This is the life Molly has always wanted, with just her and CJ. But the dog and her girl don’t know if they are safe, even inside the house. Gloria could still find them—and when CJ is accused of skipping school too many times, life takes a turn for the worse. Can Molly protect her human? Read this book to find out!

This is an amazing book that gives readers mixed emotions throughout this whole book. The story starts when Molly meets CJ, or "her girl." CJ has a major setback that will not allow her to keep Molly- her mother. So CJ and Molly have to get through these times and face CJ's mother with courage. This book proves that if you have courage and love toward a person, you can face any challenge in the world even when things are tough. Later, Molly accomplishes a lot of things including identifying a person that has cancer. This is an awesome book that I will reread at least a million times.

I love this book .Mollie is so sweet and adorable I feel bad that Mollie has to be hidden all day

I never read this book but I read Ellie's story it was sad cute and entertaining I've been hoping to read another series of these books but I only have the book Ellie's story I bet this book is gonna be great! plus I love to read new books each day forward!

I never read this book but I am looking forward to reading such an awesome book like this

This story is written by a dog's perspective of her life with her owner, CJ. Molly has to stay hidden in CJ's house because unfortunately, her owner's mom doesn't like dogs. Molly (The dog: Spoodle) was probably only 2 days old when she met CJ. Molly found her love for her and she noticed it, too. CJ's friend, Trent, keeps telling CJ that she couldn't keep Molly because of CJ's mom. (Okay, just FYI, CJ's name is Clarity) Clarity is stubborn and can't keep her away from Molly because Molly and Clarity just found an everlasting friendship. As their journey starts, they encounter laughs and miserable moments. I think this book would be a perfect fit for people who love dogs and would want to spend their lives with them. I would rate this book 5 paws because the perspectives of Molly can help people really understand how a dog thinks. I hope you can give thought to this book.

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