Military Dogs (Dog Heroes)

Military Dogs (Dog Heroes)

By Frances E. Ruffin

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From classic heroines like Lassie to contemporary heroes like Beethoven, children will thrill to stories about the real-life dogs that are part of the entertainment industry. Young readers will learn about the emergence of dogs in television and film. With vivid full-color photographs and exciting narratives, Hollywood Dogs captivates kids with details on how dogs are trained to work with their human partners--and ultimately steal the show!
Publisher: Bearport Publishing
ISBN-13: 9781597162739
ISBN-10: 1597162736
Published on 8/1/2006
Binding: Library Binding
Number of pages: 32

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I like this book because it shows us that dogs can be useful in battles, and for police officers. This book is good for information about dogs being in the military, because they can sense hiding bad guys. I recommend, this book for people who like to learn about military dogs, and why they have dogs.