Mary Engelbreit's Classic Library: A Little Princess

Mary Engelbreit's Classic Library: A Little Princess

By Frances Hodgson Burnett

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Grades 4 - 3Grades 2 - 5O4.22531

Sara Crewe lives happily at Miss Minchin's boarding school, where her beautiful clothes and gracious manners make her seem just like a real princess—until the day she loses everything. Now she must wear rags, sleep in the attic, and work hard for her living. Sara is poor and alone, but she keeps telling herself that she can still be a little princess inside, if only she tries hard enough.

Publisher: Dover Publications
ISBN-13: 9780486834405
ISBN-10: 0486834409
Published on 7/17/2019
Binding: Paperback
Number of pages: 304

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A Little Princess enters a young girl's frantic world, as her father is once again, engaging in war. She is sent off to a strict boarding school in which she finds that her peers are all in a similar situation. As she gets to know her new companions, they all worry about the same issue: Will their parents ever come home?

i love this book

This book is fun. The girl can be poor and can be rich. That's very cool. My favorite part was when she give a little girl 5 loaves of bread. I would not recommend this book because I don't like to recommend any books.

I like this book because it is a loveing story. It also can teach people a very valuble lessen.

I really would like to read this book after I read the secret garden.I read the secret Graden a couple years ago, but I never got to start it.

I saw the movie and it was soooo good! Now I want to read the book.

i love this book!

Sad in the middle, but eventually happy. I just wish that I could get the sequel to it. sigh. I'm just waiting to get it...

It was so touching and written beautifully!

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