Lyddie (New Windmills)

Lyddie (New Windmills)

By Katherine Paterson

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This series offers classic and contemporary fiction for schools to suit a range of ages and tastes. In this book, set in 19th-century New England, Lyddie is determined to buy back her family's farm. She earns enough money, but has neglected those around her and is forced to re-think her values.
Publisher: Thorndike Press Large Print
ISBN-13: 9781432864071
ISBN-10: 1432864076
Published on 3/13/2019
Binding: Paperback
Number of pages: 276

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Lydia "Lyddie" Worthen, a young girl in 1846, about twenty years right before U.S. Civil War had began. Her mother, Mattie, who you would sometimes see her letters to Lyddie but not so often had died later in the book. Her sister, Agnes, also died, too. Her another sister, Rachel, and her brother Charles "Charlie" who Lyddie seldom talk about but mostly about Charlie more than Rachel. Lyddie, who was only young girl when she decided to go out of her home, earn some money, send some back to her mother for the debt when her father had left. Her friends, Diana Goss, Luke Stevens, Prudence Allen, etc. This book is inspiring but sad book. This tells that even though if you lost someone or something very valuable, just keep on going, no matter what. - Happy Reading!

im reading this for school and it is a really good book so far! I really hope there is a happy ending..

I enjoyed Lyddie because it shows the struggles and issues that happened during the historically crucial event that is well known as the "industrial Revolution."

I really liked this book! My mom had read it when she was in college and she said that I might like it. And I did. It was really good. It was one of the best books that I have ever read. I think that it is sad that she has to go away from her farm. My favorite character was Lyddie. She struggled on even when times were hard. it is also sad that her brother changed so much and she barely ever saw him.