Lost in the Snow

Lost in the Snow

By Linda Jennings

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Grades 1 - 3Grade 3n/a2.7674
Fluff is desperate to have a home of her own like her brothers and sisters - but no one seems to want her. Then Ella turns up at the farm. She falls in love with Fluff right away and pleads with her mother to let her have Fluff, but her mother is firm - she doesn't want a cat. Fluff and Ella are heartbroken...and Fluff is terrified. What happens to kittens that nobody wants?
Publisher: Tiger Tales
ISBN-13: 9781589254725
ISBN-10: 1589254724
Published on 9/1/2015
Binding: Paperback
Number of pages: 128

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I love this book, I read it when I was sick and It was a really calming book. I would love to read It again, the front cover on this book reminds me of so much and I just get so much deja vu whenever I see It.

aoibheann aoibheann

its an awesome book

fayth.fergusin fayth.fergusin

I think this box is gret.

china china

i love it

It was long and had lots of details

i like this book because it is interesting and has cats in it

Hi8 Hi8

It is a good book withs emotional parts

This book is sad but awesome too...For example...A little girl really really wants a kitten. But her mom says its to hard to take care of one the kitten wants the girl though. And so the kitten goes out in her driveway and sleeps there over night because the kitten spent a long time getting there. Also the kitten assumes that that house was it. Last the girl finds it in the morning inside her car.Its a pretty good story.